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Running a business can be tough and lonely...
Your perspective of the people working around you can easily become distorted, and hamper growth. Outsourced HR with Reality is a practical and energizing solution.

Familiar HR problems

The people side of your business is nearly always the most challenging. When it’s not right, it takes its toll on you emotionally, and your business simply cannot perform at its best.

Do you share the challenges that we’re told about daily?

You don’t want a full-time member of HR staff on your payroll, you need more than occasional HR consultancy…you don’t want HR out of a box…but you need HR solutions…so what’s the answer?


The Reality HR solutions

When the people side of your company is right, your business can soar, and you experience more of the joys of being at the helm. We see this time and again.

We are in the business of helping your company to grow, by ensuring that everything relating to your people runs smoothly.

Reality, is an HR Consultancy that exists to help to free you from the restraints you may have unwittingly put upon your business, through the lack of experienced employment specialists on your team.

We take a strategic approach because over the years we have learned that no two business owners want or need exactly the same combination of HR consultancy. This is why we don’t do ‘one size fits all.’ We will come and listen to you first to find out if we would fit each other. If we both feel we will, then we compile a package of our tried and trusted services that is tailored to you.

Outsourced HR with Reality can be the missing key to your business success. As you grow, your needs will change, and our service adapts accordingly.

All of our consultants are CIPD qualified

See the business improvements you could make with Reality HR solutions on your side. Call us on 01256 328428 or…