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Familiar HR problems

When you are building a business and aiming for sustainable growth, Reality HR could be the biggest asset you have.

Working closely with scores of owner-managers in their growth businesses, and becoming increasingly aware that we have made a significant impact on them and their success has led us to develop a unique approach to HR consultancy.

This approach enables you to grow your business by cultivating a natural balance, giving you a sustainable platform on which to build.

We see the impact of good and bad HR decisions across lots of different businesses, all day every day. This puts us in a unique position when it comes to adding value to your company.

The Reality HR approach

Our approach means you develop a sustainable culture:

  • Where the right people are performing the right roles
  • In a strong, uncomplicated structure
  • In harmony with the laws of employment

Our HR consultancy services are as well-fitting to a growing business, as a beehive is to nature.

We provide HR consultancy solely for companies like yours throughout London, Hampshire, Dorset, Berkshire and Surrey, have been established since 2004 and employ only highly experienced, business-savvy, MCIPD qualified HR consultants, currently 15 and growing just like you.

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