Flexible working – is it worth it?

It was almost 38 years ago that Dolly Parton sang about how working 9-5 wasn’t a way to make a living – so why are there still so many employers reluctant to embrace flexible working? Employers say: “If I do it for one I’ll have to do it for everyone”, we say: “so, do it… Read More

How to be the manager your employees want to work for

It is now common knowledge that people don’t quit their job, they quit their managers and therefore having the most effective managers possible is a vital step in retaining and developing the talent in your business. Don’t be fooled by employees who have their head down and are working away – they could just be… Read More

Attracting and Retaining the Workforce of the Future

Now, let’s talk talent. What does the word ‘talent’ mean to you? Talent has become a word that lots of companies shy away from using as it can commonly be used to refer only to those performing above and beyond. We’ve highlighted some pointers that we feel will help change the way talented employees are… Read More

Support National Walk to Work Day

Walk to work?  Isn’t it challenging enough for us all to get to work on time even when we rely on our cars or public transport?  Surely unless you live right on the office doorstep, the thought of not being able to hit the snooze button even once and all the extra rushing around to… Read More

Empower your team to better manage their time

What’s the one report you’ll never see on a balance sheet, but is critical to the success of every business? It’s the measure of productivity. When we think about time management, we tend to think about it from an individual’s point of view – so much so that it’s easy to forget how teams of… Read More

January Blues? We’re resolving to banish them

Is January anyone’s favourite month? After all the anticipation, Christmas seems to disappear in a flash and before we know it long lie-ins are a thing of the past and it’s no longer socially acceptable to stay in pyjamas all day or eat chocolate for breakfast. There’s no denying it; the post-festive lull can feel… Read More

Working from home: the trend continues

Working at home is a rapidly growing trend; the fact that we all have access to email, chat, video conferences, cloud collaboration software and dozens of other technologies means almost any job can be done remotely. Whether your employees work exclusively from home or divide their working hours between home and the office, it would… Read More

The seven habits of great managers

You know the ones; the managers who have an infectious love for their work and the ability to make decisions with both empathy and experience. They know exactly where they are going and how they’re going to get there.  They plan ahead, maintain momentum and get things done. Whether you’re recruiting or promoting, there’s not… Read More

How to motivate an disengaged employee

Every industry will encounter demotivated employees at some time. You’ve undoubtedly seen it before; those who over time become less and less productive and not only does the individual’s performance suffer, but often the moods of their coworkers are dragged down with them.  To achieve that elusive place where all your team are fully engaged… Read More

Are dress codes in the workplace as outdated as 80s fashion?

This week, Jeans for Genes Day invites employees to wear jeans to work in return for a contribution to the charity that supports children affected by a genetic disorder in the UK.  As this event gains more engagement every year, it raises a valid question; is there any reason why employees of certain sectors can’t… Read More