It is now common knowledge that people don’t quit their job, they quit their managers and therefore having the most effective managers possible is a vital step in retaining and developing the talent in your business. Don’t be fooled by employees who have their head down and are working away – they could just be waiting for that final straw.

Everyone loves to tell a bad manager story and I’m sure you feel strongly that you don’t want one of your managers to be the punchline. No one wants to be managed by someone who is walking around with an outdated rule book and treating valuable employees like they should feel lucky that they have a job.

A manager’s job is to facilitate a good working, and therefore, productive environment for their employees. The focus should be on helping everyone around them succeed. Managers define the culture of a business, and the culture underpins your entire organisation.

As a manager it’s critical to manage in the way you would like to be managed. Richard Branson said it best “Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don’t want to”.

Here are the 5 things employees want from their manager – if you can make sure your managers are using this vital check list then it’s safe to assume you’re going to have happy employees who will want to work for you and sing your praises as a top employer.

  1. To be put first – employees want to know that they are valued and that their manager isn’t focussed only on their own personal progression. They want to feel like their manager cares about them succeeding and can provide opportunities to help them develop. Having a succession plan in place will support this.
  2. To be trusted – make sure you appreciate the input your team has and delegate where appropriate. If your employees have a sense of ownership over tasks or projects you’re far more likely to keep them engaged and motivated as they will feel trusted.
  3. To be listened to – It’s important for your staff to feel like there is an open line of communication. Listening to them will show them you care so make sure you are approachable.
  4. To be told if they’ve done something right – make sure you are giving credit where credit is due and providing constructive feedback where necessary. Appreciating the contributions of your employees will go a long way towards making them feel valued and proud of their achievements.
  5. To be cared about – if you are empathetic and show you genuinely care about your team it will help towards building a strong relationship with them and making them feel

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