“We’re so impressed with the service that we’ve received and feel incredibly lucky that this superb HR consultancy was there when we needed them to help us set up an employee representative committee. Thanks to Reality HR, we now have more inclusive style of management, which will ultimately lead to a more engaged and committed team in the long run.”  – Vicky Beckwith, Head of HR.

 Bovis Homes is an experienced property developer and one of the UK’s most successful housebuilders. Operating from regional offices, they manage both small and large property developments nationwide. In total Bovis Group employs more than 1000 staff, many of whom are specialists from a broad range of professions.

Following the appointment of a new Head of HR, areas for improvement were identified. Addressing these took the HR team to full capacity so they needed additional resource to cope with the sudden need for an employee representative committee.

Bovis Homes’ challenge

Reality HR was recommended to Bovis Homes through an associate and, as the Head of HR, Vicky Beckwith explains, they couldn’t have hoped for a better outcome:

“They were our silver lining when suddenly faced with the challenge of setting up an employee representative committee within a very tight timeframe, to serve 1,200 staff working across 7 regional business units at Bovis Homes. It was critical to get outside help because the HR team was extremely busy with other strategic projects and had no capacity to take on a task of such immense scope.

“It was critical that we had an appropriate mix of employees from across these regional business units to make up the committee and that they were engaged and enthusiastic about being part of this important group.”

Rapid action, timely solution

Reality HR took expedited action to help Bovis Homes set up an employee representative committee in record time, including:

  • Assigning a specialist consultant to the project, with background in both committee set-up and the construction industry
  • Investigating the personalities of the team and how they like to work
  • Coordination of the process of committee nominations and elections
  • Consultation with all representatives to outline their roles and responsibilities
  • Relationship-building exercises between representatives to increase engagement and motivation

“Kathryn from Reality HR proactively built relationships with the team, integrating seamlessly – nothing like a typical, separate outsource partner at all. She was often approached by staff with questions, illustrating how at ease everyone felt about working with her. The added benefit was that she understood the business needs as she has previous experience working in a similar situation,” says Bovis Head of HR, Vicky Beckwith.

Results: employee representative committee established

An employee representative committee has been set up to serve the needs of the business as it changes and grows and Bovis Homes is enjoying the following benefits:

  • employees are better informed on how to gather co-workers’ ideas regarding existing policies or the need for new policies
  • committee representatives are able to make balanced policy recommendations to management
  • increased productivity from employee involvement in decision-making
  • line managers and leaders have a robust representative forum for discussion and collaboration

A more collaborative workplace culture

Bovis Homes Head of HR, Vicky Beckwith summarises the advantages of working with Reality HR:

“We were blown away by the efficiency, speed of response and overall management of the project. The entire project was executed over a mere one week timeframe, which we previously thought would be impossible. Knowing that Reality HR were there to support us with this enormous challenge gave us the peace of mind and reassurance we desperately needed.

“The business is now more secure and we can easily inform and consult our staff about performance or workplace issues going forward.”

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