We are delighted with the progress that has been made in the last 12 months. Reality HR’s contribution to improving the way we are now managing performance has been terrific. Laura and her team have also helped us with a number of absence, disciplinary and capability problems. These have all been dealt with in a calm and professional manner, without any comebacks. This is a testament to the robustness of the procedures we now have in place.” Marcus Graziano, Managing Director.  

Growing concerns

Caspian One is a recruitment business specialising in banking and broadcasting. It experienced a period of dramatic growth and the owners, Lee Barnett and Marcus Graziano, found themselves grappling with a number of painful problems such as absence, disciplinary and capability issues.

This was against a backdrop of concern that their HR procedures were no longer fit for purpose, and that their paperwork was out of date and even potentially falling short of legal compliance. These issues were distracting the owners and inhibiting growth.

Speedy first steps to HR compliance

  • We immediately carried out a health check, producing a list of actions. This proved a relief for the owners because they felt more in control.
  • Before long we had all the paperwork and compliance up to date in line with current HR guidance and best practice, including contracts of employment, policies and procedures.
  • We then worked with the team to improve the system for managing performance.
  • Together we created job descriptions and key performance indicators (KPI’s) so managers and staff now have identical understandings of the performance expected of each individual.
  • We guided the management team in the design of their new appraisal scheme and as part of this they adopted the 360 feedback approach, a recommendation suiting their culture.
  • Through consultation and training for all staff, we helped implement the new system for managing performance.
  • Today we continue to work with them to ensure they give consistently effective feedback and are able to facilitate change and improvement as the business maintains its growth trajectory.

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