The return on investment for this project will definitely be felt long-term. We have core objectives now, with targets and goals that when achieved will definitely impact our bottom line. It’s a win-win situation because the outcome is success and reward that cascades throughout the business.” Simon Bond, Managing Director at Cyan

Cyan Solutions is a leading provider of first-class management IT services that is steadily growing and starting to take on new staff.

When it was time for Managing Director, Simon Bond, to take a step back from day-to-day tasks so that he could focus on strategy and growth, Reality HR supported a recruitment project to find a supporting Senior Manager. They also helped create structure within the senior team by more clearly defining roles and responsibilities; aligning these with objectives and rewards.

Cyan’s challenge

Simon explains how, prior to engaging with Reality HR, the greatest strengths of the senior team were not being fully-realised as their time was displaced on other tasks. This had created a ripple effect of under-achievement of objectives across the business.

Before Cyan took on more senior employees, everything had been quite informal. With a smaller team, it was a lot easier to manage the structure, strategy and goals. But as the company has evolved, that has become far more challenging.

Our industry is developing all the time, which means our business model is constantly changing. Because of this, we must keep everybody engaged and moving forward. If we don’t, it could become easier for competitors to overtake us.”

A practical solution

Reality HR took this pragmatic approach to create a framework that would help Cyan achieve key business objectives and remain competitive in a changing landscape:

  • identified new short-term and long-term goals
  • drafted role profiles that defined accountability for these goals
  • rooted all goals in everyday tasks with assigned owners
  • re-focused day-to-day activities on important pre-existing objectives
  • facilitated an open discussion with the senior team about the adjusted scope of their roles
  • encouraged a culture of shared achievement by highlighting ways in which individual actions contribute to the business as a whole
  • outlined motivating reward packages

Results: better organisation leads to business success

With clearly-defined roles and individual accountabilities assigned to them, the efficiency of the senior team is now maximised and Cyan is enjoying the following benefits:

  • managers have been empowered to think beyond the everyday and into the future
  • new ways of working fit better with natural skill sets
  • the Managing Director is now able to monitor how well the business is growing because there is a framework in place for measuring performance against objectives
  • Cyan’s whole team is benefitting from increased clarity around how their actions contribute individually and collectively towards business growth
  • career development is cultivated and reward provided

Managing Director Simon can now steer his focus back towards Cyan’s continued business growth with the confidence that the senior team are invested in a true team effort; moving in a more defined direction and fully-enabled in practical terms to achieve shared goals.

Maintaining momentum

Simon summarises the advantages of working with Reality HR:

By working with Reality HR, we bypassed all of the mistakes that might have been made if we’d tackled issues alone. The whole process has been a huge education.

The way Reality HR delivered the project helped enormously. We got into to the nitty-gritty stuff quickly. This process brought to light all the things that I might have thought were completely irrelevant within the bigger picture; giving us the ability to see everything in context and set targets built around growth.

This project is fundamental to our growth goals, so it’s only natural that it will continue. It’s critical to maintain a steady persistence in the pursuit of our objectives and Reality HR encourages that consistency. Their support is vital for keeping us on track as we grow and change.”

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