One of the most important things to us was working with a company that would be able to give us HR support tailored to the needs of our business specifically. We didn’t want an ‘off-the-shelf’ HR solution; what we needed was a trusted, personal relationship with a consultant who could get to know us, understand the challenges within our unique workplace dynamic – and therefore build realistic HR processes into that.” Bill King, President, Flackwell Heath Golf Club

Flackwell Heath’s Challenge

President of the club, Bill King, saw increasing evidence to suggest that a lack of HR processes was having a negative impact on how the business was functioning as a whole.
Reality HR helped create structure within the organisation by implementing a more transparent performance management system featuring defined job descriptions, with a system of appraisals linked to salary increase.

Bill explains how, prior to working with Reality HR, ad-hoc HR processes had led to a fractured team spirit and a lack of engagement from staff:

Staff at all levels were unclear on the scope of their roles. One major impact of this was weak ownership or transference of responsibilities. Without a strong organisation design in place, many employees were also unsure how their skill sets added value within the wider team. Employee remuneration was not as transparent as it could be and communication around that was poor. Issues had reached a critical point and we really needed Reality HR’s expertise to guide us through to a more efficient, balanced HR set-up.”

A cohesive solution

Reality HR helped the club design an organisation structure aimed at optimum performance management and engagement using the following techniques:

  • interviewed staff to understand their drivers and barriers, as well as the unique complexities of the workplace culture
  • identified specific roles and responsibilities, setting short-term and long-term individual objectives
  • prepared job descriptions that reflect accountability for these objectives
  • grounded all objectives in a transparent system of appraisal linked to salary rise
  • cultivated better communication by encouraging shared skills, action and achievement

Results: transparency brings clarity

With clearly-defined roles and rewards, the efficiency of the staff at the club has improved and the business is experiencing many benefits:

  • team spirit has been invigorated and the whole team is more motivated now that they have more clarity and direction linked to their performance at work
  • less transference of responsibility (coming from better role definition) so things get done properly and on time; managers spend less time checking
  •  complimentary skill-sets are co-ordinated in ways that are helping the business to run in a more streamlined way
  • clarified line-management allows stronger leadership
  • better communication between the senior management team and staff has created a more supportive working atmosphere
  • career development is consistently enabled and recognised, improving staff engagement and commitment

Bill feels he can hand over to the new senior management board with the reassuring sense that Flackwell Heath Golf Club’s employees are now working within a more intelligent and efficient organisation design that has a direct effect on the performance of the business overall.

A stronger future

Bill summarises the advantages of working with Reality HR:

It’s clear that – as an SME themselves – Reality HR understand the considerations of a business this size at a deeper level. That type of insight means you’re always in a safe pair of hands.

The organisation design that Reality HR has helped the club to implement will pave the way for us to manage our staff performance consistently, openly and positively from here on.

Everything we have learnt from this process will pay dividends in the future. My recommendations to the future board are absolutely to continue working with Reality HR’s support to maintain this direction and equilibrium.”

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