When we need HR support, Reality HR is always our first port of call. No matter how many other projects they may be working on, they never fail to deliver on their promises and provide a service that feels highly personal and bespoke. It’s so refreshing to find a supplier that gives you clear information, keeping you updated at every step of the process – whilst simultaneously letting you stand back and get on with other things, never in any doubt that you’re going to achieve your end goal.”

Ben Reynolds, Managing Director, Gallagher Communication

Gallagher Communication blends insight, strategy, creativity, innovation and technology to help world-leading businesses such as Nike, Experian and Maersk deliver effective employee engagement campaigns relating to areas such as benefits and values & behaviours. They also work with these organisations to overcome internal communications challenges such as change management.

Gallagher Communication’s challenge

Due to healthy growth, a requirement arose for a new General Manager to sit on the Senior Management Team. When their in-house HR department was unable to provide the resource for this recruitment process, Managing Director Ben Reynolds knew who to call to provide the additional support the company needed: Reality HR. The company had worked with Reality HR before on competencies, gap analysis and training.

To maintain a steady focus on the continued success of the business, Managing Director Ben Reynolds recognised that it was essential for him and the rest of the Senior Management Team to step back from the operational demands of the recruitment process:

Although Gallagher Communication is growing, our leadership team is still small so the impact of introducing a new person to the business needed to be absolutely positive. Our business thrives because we have achieved the right mix of skills and personality within our team, so finding the right character fit was imperative. Based on previous experience, I already knew that Reality HR had an innate understanding of this balance. It’s almost as if they are part of our unique company culture themselves.

From a practical point of view, we needed their HR support to mitigate the risk of diverting the time and energy of the Senior Management Team away from their key objectives.”

A comprehensive solution to finding

Reality HR designed a project plan to effectively manage the recruitment process of a new General Manager in a way that would allow the Senior Management Team at Gallagher Shilling to maintain their progress as an evolving business:

  • Outlined and agreed on the job description including drafting, benchmarking and reviewing
  • Recommended a third-party recruitment agency to support the project; briefed & managed that agency
  • Developed and placed the job advertisement (internal & external)
  • Screened candidates; reviewing CV’s with the recruitment agency and senior management
  • Organised Quest psychometric profiling for shortlisted candidates
  • Provided feedback and recommendations on Quest profiles to senior management
  • Created an interview process that was aligned with the Gallagher Shilling ethos
  • Produced questions for interviews, including some based-on profiling
  • Joined Managing Director at first stage interviews (5 external candidates and 1 internal)
  • Discussed Quest profiles with candidates at interview
  • Supported Managing Director with selection of candidates for the second interview (to involve presentation to the senior team and the second interview with Managing Director)

Results: a natural fit, organic growth and new business

Upon completion of the recruitment project plan, Gallagher Communication has moved forward as a business, enjoying the following benefits:

  • The right General Manager has been successfully appointed, flowing seamlessly into the company culture
  • Senior Management has been able to focus on key objectives
  • Organic business growth has continued
  • Increase in new business growth

The whole of the Gallagher Shilling team is benefitting from having a General Manager on the leadership team and continues onward with their core, shared purpose: advising new and existing customers how to communicate around key business issues to improve business performance.

Results: a natural fit, organic growth and new business

Ben Reynolds, Managing Director of Gallagher Communication, summarises the advantages of working with Reality HR:

When you outsource something as important as recruitment, it can be a bit hit and miss finding the right candidate because the HR consultant might not understand the subtle nuances of your company culture. That’s never the case with Reality HR. The way they work is always based on what’s best for your business, not just on what fits in with their ‘standard’ way of doing things. 

One of the distinct advantages working with Reality HR is that you instantly feel like they’re part of your team. We want to achieve the same things; we’re all pushing in the same direction. I’ve never had to brief them too heavily on project requirements; they just ask the right questions and it all happens intuitively. The reason for that is that they truly understand the impact that HR has on a business. A lot of HR companies might say that but actually, lack knowledge and experience of HR in all its facets. Reality HR raises the bar in that respect. The candidate we ended up is

The candidate we ended up is a testament to that expertise – they were spot on! Not only that, any of the candidates could have been ‘the one’. With Reality HR driving the recruitment of this role, pressure on the Senior Management team was reduced because they only needed to be involved at interview stage. Reality HR just got on and handled all the other parts of the process, saving us so much time. Plus, we actually achieved new business growth to boot, because we didn’t have to divert our attention away from our key objectives. What better outcome can you ask for?

I’ve worked with Reality HR on numerous projects now, so I can wholeheartedly say here is a company that consistently demonstrates professionalism, care and excellence every step of the way. As a business leader, it’s reassuring to know that an HR company as skilled as Reality HR exists and is always there to support you when you need them the most.”

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