I believe Reality HR’s experts are worth their weight in gold. I am absolutely delighted with all the work they have done, and I am continuing to work with them on developing our people.”  Sally Woods, General Manager

Inherited people issues

Mercona specialises in Own Label products from concept to launch and throughout the product lifecycle. It works with brands offering sun care, hair colour, hair care and skin & body care products. Whilst its head office is in Germany, its sales & marketing operation is UK-based.

When Sally Woods took over as General Manager, she inherited a number of people issues and knew she needed expert HR support to help engage and motivate the team. We met to discuss the most effective solution.

Competency Framework

Listening to Sally, it was clear that Mercona has a number of very specific business requirements, all of which focus around satisfying the customer’s needs.

It also became clear to us that many of Mercona’s people are ambitious and keen to develop in their careers. That is a great situation for the company, and it was important to give Sally the tools she needs to capitalise on it, rather than potentially demotivating or even losing these valuable people. The Mercona HR solutions had to be tailored around this specific set of circumstances.

We firstly created a competency framework that clearly defines the Mercona business requirements and details how each employee level must perform to meet expectations.

The competency framework is central to enabling team members to see where there are opportunities to grow.

Appraisals system, personal development plans and training

Once the competency framework was in place, we created a bespoke performance appraisals system and trained the management team on how to implement it.

We then created personal development plans with each team member, designed specifically around the needs of the business. This means that each individual can focus on the steps he or she needs to take in order to meet expectations and progress to the next level.

Once we had established the gaps between the business growth requirements and current individual performance, we designed bespoke training to enable each employee to develop and realise their career ambitions.

As a result of these carefully designed solutions, the team is now fully engaged and motivated, which has manifested itself in more confident job performance. Everyone knows what is expected of them, and they are keen to equip themselves with the skills they need not only to fulfil their current responsibilities, but their aspirational roles too.

A testimonial from Sally Woods, General Manager

Working with Reality HR, we quickly identified that creating a competency framework and robust performance management structure were the keys to resolving people challenges.

Both the Reality HR team and I saw these tools as the foundation for a much bigger impact.

Many of our employees are young, ambitious and intelligent people who are keen to progress in their careers and as well as giving them the opportunities they dreamed of, Reality HR did some work on helping us all to understand the team dynamics and how everybody fits together. Their work also showed where the gaps were, which helps us with recruitment.

Sally-Ann plays the role of our outsourced HR Director and is a fantastic support for the business. The team sees her as a sounding board for ideas, and we give them the opportunity to speak confidentially on a one-to-one basis if needed.

As a result of this, she has coached some of them through specific challenges. My team are all more motivated and it has given them the confidence to perform better, as well as equipping them with skills for the future success of the business.

I believe Reality HR’s experts are worth their weight in gold. I am absolutely delighted with all the work they have done, and I am continuing to work with them on developing our people.”

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