When you’ve trebled the size of your business, it’s vital to have an experienced HR consultancy on board to help you manage all your new staff. The benefit of working with Reality HR on a management coaching program has been clear. Our approach to management is now less reactive and more proactive. It’s thanks to the system they’ve helped us set up that we’ve improved staff engagement and retention, so the return on investment will be huge.” Andy Egerton, National Sales Manager

Following a restructure, this expanding company needed coaching for managers. The requirement was partly initiated by the new shape the business was taking, but also by an important, broader need to develop key members of staff in leadership positions, such as national and regional sales managers, operations managers and the head of the call centre.

Andy Egerton, National Sales Manager & Operations Director of Ready Steady Store, outlines the situation:

“Over the last two years alone, we have trebled the number of stores that we manage. We are growing fast and experiencing continuous change. With all that transition, managers have had to adapt quickly. There have been lots of internal structural changes, as well as hiring new staff and training existing teams.

“One of the reasons we really wanted Reality HR to support us with management training and coaching was to get an objective review of our existing approach and make sure we were recruiting and managing our business in a way that nurtures growth. Reality HR showed us how we could progress further by handling things differently.

“Key staff at Ready Steady Store were keen to commence coaching sessions, to support the business goals as well as their own.”

Reality HR helped Ready Steady Store to implement a structured coaching program including the following elements:

  • consultation with each member of staff to identify areas of development to be addressed through coaching
  • input from their manager to highlight improvements required
  • feedback combined to develop a coaching agenda tailor-made for that individual; designed to focus primarily on aspects of development that they were struggling with
  • evaluation provided in confidence to the individual, but with high level summary to senior managers, to help measure performance

The coaching provided an opportunity for Ready Steady Store to:

  • improve communication between managers, peers and colleagues
  • explore constructive solutions to difficult issues that were holding the business back
  • enable more efficient methods of working
  • boost staff motivation by cultivating a culture of engagement and improvement
  • encourage staff loyalty by investing in the development of unique skills and attributes

Andy Egerton sums up the benefits of working with Reality HR on management coaching and training:

Staff are the lifeblood of our business. Everything we have learnt from Reality HR has enabled us to invest in our employees and demonstrate how much we value them. As we continue to expand, we have better support mechanisms in place to ensure staff have a constructive outlet for any feedback. It’s a two-way system that really feeds the growth of the business.

Reality HR have so much coaching experience and a wide perspective on a variety of issues. There were things we thought were big problems that didn’t faze them at all because they’ve encountered similar challenges in the past. They had first-hand experience of how to deal with them.

Our new coaching program helps put everybody at Ready Steady Store on the same page. There’s a solid understanding between us of what we want to achieve as a business.”

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