RYA – Royal Yachting Association

The challenge:

The RYA – Royal Yachting Association – is a UK National Governing Body and Membership Organisation providing training, publications and performance support for all forms of British Boating. The RYA were working with an outsourced HR provider when they realised the relationship wasn’t working – they had an immediate need for a professional service with experts they trusted and that’s when they turned to Reality HR.

The RYA needed their trust restored and they needed reassurance that outsourcing their HR could still work for them.

Sarah Treseder, CEO of the RYA, explains why Reality HR was the obvious choice: “We’d had our fingers burnt and therefore we had extremely high expectations and clear objectives. There was an element of pressure testing as we wanted to be certain that we were going to receive a service that would meet our expectations. Reality HR instilled 100% confidence from the offset – they took our lead and made sure we were happy with our decision by taking the time to develop a clearly defined plan. I believe part of the success has been down to the trust that was established at the very beginning, the value they add and the fact they have never made promises they cannot keep.”

The action:

Reality HR quickly recognised the value that could be added if the RYA had an internal HR advisor being supported and mentored by a Reality HR Consultant – so Reality HR began the recruitment process. The successful recruitment of an internal advisor alongside the implementation of a strategic plan and an online platform meant the RYA finally started to have their faith restored in outsourced HR. Sarah continued: “Our Reality HR Consultant, Kathryn is the perfect mentor to our internal advisor. Her approach is professional, pragmatic and she is able to turn her hand to anything in an unflappable approach. There is a perfect mix of our basic HR support always being covered effectively and efficiently, combined with there always being an eye kept on the strategic need and the consideration for the bigger picture.”

Dave Strain, Finance Director commented on why he values working with Reality HR: “Reality HR feel as though they are a part of our company, they’ve taken the stress away and replaced it with first rate support. Outsourcing our HR has finally delivered everything we hoped it would. Every scenario we have thrown at them has been handled quickly and painlessly with the worry taken off our shoulders and it’s a huge relief.”

The outcome:

Reality HR pride themselves on their ability to add value to an organisation and Dave went on to explain how he feels Reality HR have achieved this for the RYA: “Overall, the outstanding support allows us to keep focussed on our core business knowing that our HR is in capable hands. Our staff turnover has reduced in the last 12 months and that’s down to Reality, they offer an outstanding service that is backed with a breadth of knowledge.”

When Sarah was asked whether she would recommend Reality HR she simply replied: “Absolutely yes, without hesitation. Even if you think you don’t need themyou do.”

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