HR used to be a real grey area for us. While evolving rapidly, we lacked the expertise required for our managers to flourish as leaders. We understood the ‘business’ point of view but need support from the ‘people‘ point of view. Reality HR showed us how to integrate these aspects with continued growth in mind.” Paul Marshall, Managing Director at Unbloc

Over the last two years, Unbloc has enjoyed swift business growth and the number of staff has increased from 22 people to 82. Managing Director of Unbloc, Paul Marshall, has always known that a business is built on its staff and he wanted to see the family business ethic reflected in their approach
to HR.

Paul has always been very approachable and hands-on in his management style, so people would go to him instead of his management team; causing issues with process. Unbloc had reached a stage where this ad hoc approach was no longer viable and there were gaps in HR knowledge. As he explains:

When the business was smaller, we hardly ever had to deal with HR issues. But with a bigger team and more people, naturally there’s a greater possibility of HR issues arising.”

We needed an HR expert to provide support to managers and that’s where Reality HR came in to help us with management coaching.”

The key objective of this is to develop staff who have been promoted into new managerial roles due to business growth; providing training and support to build their skills and confidence as leaders.”

Identifying coaching needs through profiling and discussion

Reality HR focused on establishing a stronger management team in four stages:

  • profiling individuals using a personality profiling tool which measures a wide variety of personality traits, styles and competencies
  • discussing with individuals their motivations, limitations, likes, dislikes, and views on working relationships
  • identifying coaching needs, incorporating these discussions and the profiling results
  • designing a series of coaching sessions aligned with personal and business objectives, with ongoing one-to-one support

Results: stronger management skills are leading the way

The team at Unbloc made positive progress from the start of their coaching journey and have seen several significant results:

  • more clarity around HR techniques; understanding how to manage staff in a way that better serves the wider business aims
  • a stronger people management style has been developed; one that is achievable for each manager because it fits with their personality
  • key staff have learned how to manage up and manage down in the organisation
  • confidence-building techniques are being utilised to help managers lead staff with more self-assurance
  • knowledge of how to deal with common staffing issues has kept the business running smoothly

Paul Marshall comments on the benefits of working with Reality HR on management coaching:

Reality HR has worked on structural HR issues, coaching and training and it has been such a valuable learning curve for Unbloc. They know where our business is going and their one-to one approach has worked really well to nurture and inspire our people, whilst still keeping this overall direction in mind.”

Unbloc has extended the original coaching programme to allow for further development sessions as managers found them so beneficial.”

This project has allowed us to access expert advice and get support when things go wrong. Reality HR has added value and provided peace of mind. As a Managing Director, I no longer need to worry about HR issues because my managers are equipped to deal with them and Reality HR are there to assist us too.”

As the managers improve, the positive effects trickle down through to their teams and the impact is felt across the whole business.”

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