Lad banter: what is acceptable in the workplace?

Written by KATE SCOTT

Light-hearted conversations are an important part of workplace life – nobody wants to work in miserable silence. But at what point does ‘banter’ become a form of bullying, and is it damaging to workplace culture? Communication between employees is generally to be encouraged, even if the conversation isn’t directly related to work. Jovial conversations can… Read More

The five C’s of restructuring your business


As a company grows, issues can start to appear that can reduce productivity and profitability. Lines of communication may become blurred, creating subtle inefficiencies that add up over time. Work areas may get duplicated or neglected, senior staff may be used to holding on to tasks when delegation would be more appropriate and employees might… Read More

Where to start with a Wellness Action Plan?

Written by JO STEVENS

Supporting mental health and wellbeing in team members is the duty of every employer, and a Wellness Action Plan (WAP) can be a vital tool to help achieve that aim. Put simply, a WAP is an agreed document between an employer and member of staff that sets out how they should be supported in the… Read More

EU Settlement Scheme – An Employers’ Guide


Brexit is fast approaching and in this current phase of uncertainty about what exactly is going to happen moving forward, we’re aware that it can be a confusing time for employers and particularly unsettling for European nationals. Learn how you can support EU nationals that are a part of your workforce. We have partnered up… Read More

Where employers stand when it comes to snow days


With the temperature dropping and the impending warnings of snow on its way, we thought we’d take a moment to explain your responsibility as an employer when it comes to managing the temperature of the working environment and the expectations around adverse weather conditions.   Temperature in the workplace – the facts A reasonable working… Read More

Equality in the workplace – how far have we come?


Equality and fairness in the workplace has never been higher on the HR agenda. Tougher legislation, a general culture shift and high-profile media cases have ensured these issues are now firmly in the spotlight. But, despite significant strides being made, how far have we really come as we mark Human Rights Day this December? The… Read More

Five practical steps to support employees with disabilities


A diverse and inclusive workplace – two things that are now widely recognised as key drivers for business success. But, despite seven million people in Britain of working age having a disability or health condition, it’s fair to say that people with disabilities are underrepresented in the workplace. Are employers potentially missing out on skills… Read More