Course description

It’s vital that Appraisals are not seen as a “box-ticking” exercise.

This session will outline the benefits of Appraisals for all involved and equip managers with the knowledge and skills to lead effective annual Appraisals and 121 meetings throughout the year, including how to set and monitor effective objectives. 

This course can be paired with our managing performance module.

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          Course agenda

          • An overview of the performance management cycle, and the benefits of effective performance management 
          • Review the company’s specific process and paperwork for conducting appraisals and 121 meetings 
          • Clarify the timeline and frequency of these meetings 
          • Provide insights into the content that should be covered in both appraisals and 121 meetings
          • Provide tips and techniques for effective preparation before conducting appraisals and 121 meetings 
          • Discuss the importance of gathering data and setting clear SMART objectives
          • Offer guidance on anticipating and addressing potential challenges during the meetings 
          • Emphasise the use of SMART objectives and other relevant content in these meetings


          Recommended duration: 2 hours 

          We can adapt the agenda depending on your requirements/needs.
          Please discuss this with our team.

          Suitable for: all managers (new and experienced)

          Learner Objectives

          By the end of the session, participants will be able to: 

          • Understand the performance management cycle, and how to use Appraisals and 121 paperwork effectively
          • Prepare effectively for appraisals and 121 meetings  
          • Confidently hold appraisal and 121 meetings, setting SMART objectives and covering all other relevant content

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