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Up-to-date advice and guidance for employers

Reality HR’s experienced team have kept employers informed throughout the pandemic. As the virus continues to have a huge impact on our working lives, our dedicated hub provides the latest advice along with factsheets and downloadable guides.

We also have a wealth of free REBUILD resources which are designed to help you and your people through these next few months, which may include a return to the workplace or perhaps a hybrid of home and workplace. You may be re-onboarding staff, bringing in new recruits or reorganising your teams.

Our Bespoke toolkits include support from one of our HR Consultants. Full pricing and information can be found on the links below.

If you would like the team to help interpret guidance for your business, contact us.

A HR Roadmap for Employers

We thought it was important for employers to have a pathway of their own to help plan ahead. Our own HR Roadmap will help you start thinking about how your people will be working in the future and the challenges that may come with these changes.

Click the image to download the pdf.


HR Roadmap Webinar 

On Tuesday 27th April at 10am we will be hosting our next free webinar around the HR Roadmap and will answer your questions around the following areas:

  • Workplace safety and risk assessments
  • Vaccinations for your staff
  • Rebuilding your teams
  • Wellbeing and Mental Health
  • Hybrid and flexible working
  • Managing blended working teams
  • Recruitment
  • The end of Furlough

        Register here Please send your questions in to

Coronavirus HR Factsheets and Downloadables

Essential free information to guide you through HR challenges that arise due to Coronavirus.

Employers Guide To Test and Trace, Vaccines and Workplace Testing 

This factsheet covers all you need to know about the Covid vaccine and testing.

Updated April 2021.

Click the image to download the factsheet.


Furlough Factsheet

This factsheet covers the latest information on the furlough scheme due to run until the end of September 2021.

Updated March 2021.

Click the image to download the factsheet.


Flexible Working Requests Factsheet

As we expect to see a rise in employees wanting to work flexibly even after the pandemic recedes, this factsheet provides the information you need to respond to a request.

Updated March 2021.

Click the image to download the factsheet.



Coronavirus Workplace Checklist

This checklist covers some of the considerations you will want to ensure you have covered off before staff can return to the workplace.

Click the image to download the checklist.




Managing a Team of Remote Workers

This guide will help you build the necessary strong foundations and skilled line managers to ensure homeworking is productive, effective and collaborative.

Click the image to download the guide.


Rebalance – our survey about the future of work (October 2020)

We took a snapshot survey of employers about their plans for workplace, remote and blended working after the pandemic – and some common themes emerged.

Click the image to download our free report.


Coronavirus HR Toolkits

Our toolkits are comprehensive, affordable packages which include policies, guidance and templates tailored to your business by our HR experts.

Redundancy Toolkit

We are offering a new redundancy toolkit to provide step by step, easy guidance for managers. The toolkit includes an hour’s support from one of our HR Consultants who will introduce the toolkit and answer any of your questions.

Download full details here.

Homeworking: HR Essentials Toolkit

The pandemic effectively imposed a Working from Home Trial on many businesses and we are pleased to offer you a bespoke package of guidance to help you plan for the future of homeworking and flexible working.

Find full details here.

Rebalance – New Ways of Working Toolkit

Right now, you may be facing a new challenge as you navigate returning your teams to the workplace, continue supporting remote working or adopting a blended approach. This Toolkit is a comprehensive package of tailored guidance, policies and templates that will help you and your people adapt to this changed way of working.

Download full details here.

We have a range of courses that are especially relevant at this time:

Homeworking for managers

We will provide your managers the skills and practical knowledge they need to manage their remote teams.

Homeworking for employees

We will talk your team through some handy hints and tips to make their home working experience as safe, effective and efficient as possible.

Employee Wellbeing

We have courses for both employees and managers. These sessions raise awareness of mental health and wellbeing issues, and for managers,  provide practical tools to support employees.


This detailed session will cover all the statutory and best practice processes you and your managers need to follow when considering a redundancy situation.

Get in touch with any HR concerns or questions

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