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It’s all very well us telling you we are good at what we do, but it is so much more compelling when you hear it from the clients; so take a look at what they say:

No matter how many other projects they may be working on, they never fail to deliver on their promises...

When we need HR support, Reality HR is always our first port of call. No matter how many other projects they may be working on, they never fail to deliver on their promises and provide a service that feels highly personal and bespoke. It’s so refreshing to find a supplier that gives you clear information, keeping you updated at every step of the process – whilst simultaneously letting you stand back and get on with other things, never in any doubt that you’re going to achieve your end goal.

When you outsource something as important as recruitment, it can be a bit hit and miss finding the right candidate because the HR consultant might not understand the subtle nuances of your company culture. That’s never the case with Reality HR. The way they work is always based on what’s best for your business, not just on what fits in with their ‘standard’ way of doing things. 

One of distinct advantages working with Reality HR is that you instantly feel like they’re part of your team. We want to achieve the same things; we’re all pushing in the same direction. I’ve never had to brief them too heavily on project requirements; they just ask the right questions and it all happens intuitively. The reason for that is that they truly understand the impact that HR has on a business. A lot of HR companies might say that but actually lack knowledge and experience of HR in all its facets. Reality HR raises the bar in that respect. 

The candidate we ended up with is testament to that expertise – they were spot on! Not only that, any of the candidates could have been ‘the one’. With Reality HR driving the recruitment of this role, pressure on the Senior Management team was reduced because they only needed to be involved at interview stage. Reality HR just got on and handled all the other parts of the process, saving us so much time. Plus, we actually achieved new business growth to boot, because we didn’t have to divert our attention away from our key objectives. What better outcome can you ask for?

I’ve worked with Reality HR on numerous projects now, so I can wholeheartedly say here is a company that consistently demonstrates professionalism, care and excellence every step of the way. As a business leader, it’s reassuring to know that a HR company as skilled as Reality HR exists and is always there to support you when you need them the most.

Reality HR have professionalised our HR and made it work for our business ...

You hear so much about employment law and companies getting it wrong, that at one time I imagined HR would be an impediment to the business.

Our experience over the last eight years has proved the exact opposite. By outsourcing to Reality HR when we employed around 60 staff, our business has actively improved. We have grown to nearly 100 staff and are still progressing.  We have retained a flat structure by training and developing our own talent, and this has created a strong culture of loyalty and smart working.

The last thing we wanted was someone who said ‘you can’t do this and you can’t do that’, which is what we had been accustomed to hearing from employment solicitors.  We were delighted to find in Reality a whole team of HR professionals who always respond with, ‘we can find a way of doing that’, and whose people are focused on commercially sound outcomes.

The benefit of working with Reality HR on a management coaching program has been clear...

The benefit of working with Reality HR on a management coaching program has been clear. Our approach to management is now less reactive and more proactive. It’s thanks to the system they’ve helped us set up that we’ve improved staff engagement and retention, so the return on investment will be huge.


Reality HR’s approach is distinctive because it’s so tailored to the managers’ individual needs ...

As a result of Reality HR’s comprehensive Introduction to Management training course, my new managers now have greater confidence and a clearer understanding of HR; enabling me to delegate day-to-day people management and re-focus my energy on the wider aspects of our growing business.

Staff who attended this course also benefitted hugely from having the same trainer for the entire programme. That consistent, trusted relationship allowed them to flourish and move forward as more assured managers. I’ve worked with Reality HR since 2014 and I’m definitely planning to continue using them for the professional development of my staff.

As the managers improve, the positive effects trickle down through to their teams and the impact is felt across the whole business...

HR used to be a real grey area for us. While evolving rapidly, we lacked the expertise required for our managers to flourish as leaders. We understood the ‘business’ point of view but need support from the ‘people‘ point of view. Reality HR showed us how to integrate these aspects with continued growth in mind.

This project has allowed us to access expert advice and get support when things go wrong. Reality HR has added value and provided peace of mind. As a Managing Director, I no longer need to worry about HR issues because my managers are equipped to deal with them and Reality HR are there to assist us too.

The organisation design that Reality HR has helped the club to implement will pave the way for us to manage our staff performance ...

One of the most important things to us was working with a company that would be able to give us HR support tailored to the needs of our business specifically. We didn’t want an ‘off-the-shelf’ HR solution; what we needed was a trusted, personal relationship with a consultant who could get to know us, understand the challenges within our unique workplace dynamic – and therefore build realistic HR processes into that.

It’s clear that – as an SME themselves – Reality HR understand the considerations of a business this size at a deeper level. That type of insight means you’re always in a safe pair of hands.

Reality HR’s contribution to improving performance management has been terrific ...

We are delighted with the progress that has been made in the last 12 months. Reality HR’s contribution to improving performance management has been terrific. The team have also helped us with a number of absence, disciplinary and capability problems. These have all been dealt with in a calm and professional manner, without any comebacks. This is a testament to the robustness of the procedures we now have in place.

Their proactive approach enables us to plan and budget effectively and get the most out of our staff ...

We chose to outsource our HR function to save costs and ensure we are always up to date with current legislation. When choosing a new supplier, I was taken with the approach from Reality HR. They were able to offer a one stop shop, giving training as well as the more usual HR services. I found them easy to engage with, and was impressed with the individual service levels the company could offer. Their proactive approach enables us to plan and budget effectively and get the most out of our staff. I would happily recommend Reality HR to anybody thinking of outsourcing their HR needs.

Their advice is based on understanding our business, and providing workable and realistic solutions ...

We were attracted to Reality HR because they took a very practical approach to HR, that was much more human and pragmatic than other providers. We know the advice they give is based on understanding our business, and providing workable and realistic solutions. They are all very approachable and I never feel silly if I need to ask questions. Being up to date with the latest legislation is reassuring but more than that, Reality HR have given us the confidence to deal appropriately with some quite tricky issues. It is always a very positive experience working with such a great team.

I would describe Reality HR as an absolute godsend. They are very hands-on, proactive ...

Frankly, I would describe Reality HR as an absolute godsend. They have a lot of experience, not just in HR, and that has enabled them to help us function better as an organisation without wasting time. They are very hands-on, proactive and a pleasure to work with. I would say to any other business owner – if you have a legal issue you would go to a solicitor, if you need to file your tax return you go to an accountant, so when you employ people you need an HR consultant. Any business that doesn’t have a dedicated HR resource, should definitely look to outsource their HR. I have peace of mind knowing that my business can operate effectively because any HR issues are being managed properly.

They have brought a new level of professionalism to HR and the recruitment process...

It has been absolute pleasure working with the team at Reality HR. They have certainly opened up a whole new way of managing recruitment to us, which has been very interesting and extremely effective. I found the psychometric testing process very enlightening, including holding up the mirror with my own results! It was very illuminating to understand the dynamics of how personalities work together, and the kind of individual we should be looking for when filling our vacancies, to both fulfil the role, and play to the strengths of the team.

The interviews were very well planned, and I felt the involvement of the Reality HR team proved a good foil for me – making sure we covered the breath and depth we needed to find the right people. The appointments have been enormously successful. In fact, both people have proven to be an asset not just to the department, but are assisting with driving forward the whole organisation.

There is no doubt that none of this would have been achieved without Reality HR. They have brought a new level of professionalism to HR and the recruitment process. I consider them to offer great value for money.

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