AppraisalsApparently a fifth of new joiners didn’t receive an appraisal during their first year of employment.

Not only that but more than a third of managers say that they are ‘too busy’ to offer appraisals.

It is the time of year when managers are starting to think about the annual appraisal…or at least, they should be!

Many find this time full of apprehension…you never know what might come out of it. A Warwickshire police officer, for example, put under ‘Openness to Change’ that, “over the 19 years I have served as a policeman my police costume has changed many times and I have not grumbled once even though I miss my old jumper. PC Smith constantly moans about how tight his trousers are.”

But seriously, there are numbers to suggest that new joiners are not getting the support and feedback that they need.

Research released by Enterprise Study consisting of a survey of  2,168 full-time over 21-year-olds found that 19% didn’t get an appraisal in their first year.  43% of those who had received one needed to request it themselves and 27% had to wait for more than six months.

Why are managers’ not performing appraisals?

  • 38% said they did not have enough time
  • 35% believed their business was too small to require appraisals
  • 19% said their work culture was informal and therefore, did not require appraisal

Shona Fletcher, the CEO of Enterprise Study commented on those key points saying that, “there’s never an excuse not to sit down with your employees and give them an appraisal – it’s a great way to boost staff morale, particularly when you’re giving praise where it’s due.”

Even if those three points may apply to your business it does not mean you have to miss out on the benefits of appraisals. You can get outsourced HR support to help you, for example with our performance appraisal toolkit.

You can read a case study about our toolkit here.

Why should you perform appraisals?

Appraisals can benefit the business and the manager as much as the employee.

Employees can:

  • Find out how they’re doing
  • Identify and work towards career development and goals
  • Receive some recognition for their accomplishments
  • Take responsibility for their own performance

Managers can:

  • Build their own management skills
  • Improve their relationships with the employees
  • Improve morale
  • Reward high performers
  • Improve employee productivity

Benefits to the business:

  • Improved overall productivity
  • Reinforced business goals
  • Stronger working relationships
  • Retained talent

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