We want a pragmatic bespoke HR solution not a “one size fits all” approach. Can you help us?

Reality HR Outsource is not a ‘one size fits all’ HR solution, because in our experience no two companies are exactly the same.

We help you to build your own bespoke HR service, guiding you through what is available to you, and advising you on which day-to-day services will underpin your business plan, and which projects you’ll need to include.

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Is our business too small to work with Reality HR?

For us, it’s about your approach to your team rather than what size you are. Ideally we work with businesses who have over 10 employees but if your business is growing and you see your people as one of your best assets then that’s more important to us.

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Our business is growing. Can you help us with recruitment?

Reality HR isn’t a recruitment consultancy. At Reality HR, we offer a professional service from those with the time and expertise for recruitment project management, who ensure every step is carried out thoroughly. Our service includes working in partnership with recruitment resourcers, saving you from endless hassle and telephone calls.

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Can you provide our new employees with new contracts of employment?

We know that staying on the right side of the law is imperative for the health of your business. We will produce contracts of employment and policies that are not only compliant but also take account of the needs of your business. Nobody wants to sign up to something that just won’t work. Once all these are written and published, we will work with you and your team to make sure they are implemented effectively.

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We have lots of talented team members that we want to keep. What can you do to help us?

A competency framework is part of the answer. It gives you a clear picture of the skills, behaviours and attitudes needed in the business, so you can help develop existing team members and recruit new ones to the point where all are aligned with the company’s key values and objectives.

Most growing organisations attract talented, ambitious people who aspire to rise up the career ladder. Each team member’s personal objectives, knowledge and skills are mapped alongside the requirements for future jobs, so that naturally occurring opportunities are identified wherever possible.

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Our team need stretching and challenging objectives. Can you help us?

Talent is often buried inside a company.

  • Good people are often overlooked and leave for better opportunities
  • Skills remain under-utilised and productivity suffers

At Reality HR we will enable your senior management much greater insight into the talent within your organisation.

Some employees are not aligned with your company’s goals

  • They do not realise the impact of their contribution or lack of it
  • They are less engaged than they could be

At Reality HR we will ensure that your company’s goals and objectives are part of the process for performance appraisals.

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What our clients say

"We were delighted to find in Reality a whole team of HR professionals who always respond with, ‘we can find a way of doing that’, and whose people are focused on commercially sound outcomes.” 

Jim Highnam . BV Dairy

"We are delighted with the progress that has been made in the last 12 months. Reality HR’s contribution to improving performance management has been terrific ..."

Marcus Graziano . Caspian One

"We were attracted to Reality HR because they took a very practical approach to HR, that was much more human and pragmatic than other providers ..."

Sue Massey. Inductotherm Heating & Welding

"The clients are also happier – they have noticed that service is much more reliable and more efficient than before. I would say business has grown by 10-20% as a result of the changes that have been implemented ..."

Tony Wray. Optimus Patents