We totally get that employment legislation is not everyone’s cup of tea. In fact, even some of us find it a bit tedious! But we also know that staying on the right side of the law is imperative for the health of your business.

We think of this aspect of HR like creating the foundations when you build a house. It doesn’t look very exciting when you’ve dug a big hole, but it is essential for the long-term stability of the building. The pouring of the concrete, in HR terms, is creating policies and procedures that are not only compliant but also take account of the needs of your business. Nobody wants to sign up to something that just won’t work.

If your end-game is to sell the business, your employment compliance must stand up to the scrutiny of due diligence.

With Reality HR on your side, we’ll help you to grow your company and your people, in harmony with the laws of employment.

Once all those nitty gritty details like contracts of employment, employee handbooks and HR policies are written and published, we will work with you and your team to make sure they are implemented effectively. Keeping you up to date on the latest essential changes is also part of the service.

Most business owners are entrepreneurial and free spirited which means you are not keen on rules! But as experienced HR consultants we know that this essential framework of HR procedures will be the backbone for your business, enabling you to manage your people more effectively than you probably imagine. Plus of course, not keeping up with HR legislation can be a very expensive exercise.

If you are worried about compliance, then good HR consultants are what you need!

Want a free health check? We can audit your current processes and procedures and highlight any essential changes you may need. Just tell us when to call in the form. 

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