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During your organisation’s lifetime, there are many reasons why you might need to make redundancies.

In recent years redundancy has become more common. The development of technology, austerity, the relocation of factories and call centres, and the opening of boundaries to international trade are just some of the factors that trigger the need to make roles redundant.

No matter how sound the reasoning for redundancy in your organisation, it will be emotive and disruptive, and you should take steps to reduce its risk and impact.

The Reality HR Redundancy Toolkit is a comprehensive resource which gives you the support you need to obviate the legal risks around making roles redundant.

In addition, our experienced consultants provide advice which will lessen the impact on the employees who are leaving, as well as on those who are staying, and ultimately they provide invaluable protection to your business.

What does the Reality HR Redundancy Toolkit contain?

The Reality HR Redundancy Toolkit comprises everything you need to help you to plan and carry out this important and challenging decision.

It starts by offering nearly 20 suggested alternatives to redundancy, and our consultants will help you to see how these, and potentially other possibilities, might apply in your particular situation.

It then gives you a guide to implementing alternatives if you can find them.

In the event that you can’t find alternatives, the Reality HR Redundancy Toolkit then provides a step-by-step guide to the redundancy process. Although one of our experienced consultants will guide you all the way, we know that for many business owners, it’s reassuring to have a document to refer to when we are not physically by your side.

The document contains templates for every aspect of the redundancy process, including selection criteria, a timeline for your process, and letters to employees for each stage and eventuality.

Whether or not you have HR in-house, the Reality HR Redundancy Toolkit will save you days of work, reduce stress and risk, and make the process as positive as it can possibly be.

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