As your company grows the demands for a stronger infrastructure increase. The more people you attract and employ, the better they need to be organised. Reality HR Outsource gives you the cost-effective option of subcontracting all or part of your HR operations, either by having us support and mentor your internal HR Assistant, Advisor or Manager already in place or by having us become your entire HR presence.

Reality HR Outsource is not a ‘one size fits all’ HR solution, because in our experience no two companies are exactly the same. We help you to build, support and grow an infrastructure that fits you naturally and helps your business and your people grow.

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When you engage with us we first help you to build your own HR solution by:

  •  Guiding you through what is available to you
  • Advising you on which day-to-day services will underpin your business plan
  • Advising you on which projects you’ll need to include

We help you to build a highly experienced team that knows how to sustain your new infrastructure:

  • Your senior HR professional comes in and sits alongside you at the board room table, developing your people strategy and advising you at top level.
  • Your Reality HR manager then keeps things on track, advising and supporting your management team, and uses experienced HR advisors to ensure you are compliant with employment law, and make sure every ‘t’ is crossed and ‘i’ dotted.

Around 75% of our clients choose our full HR solution, many of them immediately, and others after we have carried out one or two initial projects with them.

Jim Highnam, said:

“They are in integral part of our company, providing us with an HR department without us actually having one.”



Reality HR Outsource would be an option worth considering if you want:

  • HR specialists who can actively help you to make HR a driving force in your organisation
  • a cloud-based system to manage all aspects of your people data efficiently and effectively
  • highly experienced people who are a pleasure to work with, who support you and your business, and who don’t need managing
  • consistent day-to-day relationships just as if you employed a team in-house
  • flexibility to work how you work, merging with your team
  • to avoid the costs and risks of employing and managing senior people in this specialist area
  • to control costs through a known monthly fee
  • the benefit of advice from people who are working in other companies like yours, and can help you to benchmark


Our client Jim Highnam who has been using Reality HR outsource for 8 years said:

“You hear so much about employment law and companies getting it wrong, that at one time I imagined HR would be an impediment to the business.

Our experience over the last eight years has proved the exact opposite. By outsourcing to Reality HR when we employed around 60 staff, our business has actively improved. We have grown to nearly 100 staff and are still progressing.  We have retained a flat structure by training and developing our own talent, and this has created a strong culture of loyalty and smart working.

The last thing we wanted was someone who said ‘you can’t do this and you can’t do that’, which is what we had been accustomed to hearing from employment solicitors.  We were delighted to find in Reality a whole team of HR professionals who always respond with, ‘we can find a way of doing that’, and whose people are focused on commercially sound outcomes.”

Whether or not you are ready to go to the cloud, the right solution will be based on a combination of factors including:

  • Your business aims
  • Your business culture
  • The way you perceive HR and where it sits in your priorities
  • Whether or not you already have HR positions in the business
  • Where your business is in its growth lifecycle
  • The size of your business
  • The budget you are willing and able to invest in making HR a driving force in your organisation

All Reality HR Outsource packages require your company to allocate a member of your board to whom we report strategically, and a single point of contact for day-to-day implementation of your HR. In smaller organisations, this is often the same person.

Find out the improvements you could make with Reality HR on your side. Give us a call on 01256 328 428 for a chat!

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What our clients say

"We were delighted to find in Reality a whole team of HR professionals who always respond with, ‘we can find a way of doing that’, and whose people are focused on commercially sound outcomes.” 

Jim Highnam . BV Dairy

"We are delighted with the progress that has been made in the last 12 months. Reality HR’s contribution to improving performance management has been terrific ..."

Marcus Graziano . Caspian One

"We were attracted to Reality HR because they took a very practical approach to HR, that was much more human and pragmatic than other providers ..."

Sue Massey. Inductotherm Heating & Welding

"The clients are also happier – they have noticed that service is much more reliable and more efficient than before. I would say business has grown by 10-20% as a result of the changes that have been implemented ..."

Tony Wray. Optimus Patents