Employee surveys and questionnaires


This ‘how’ depends on your culture, values and your level of employee engagement, and will have an effect (positive or negative) on hard measures such as productivity and profitability.

As a way of measuring the ‘how’, Reality HR will encourage you to use employee surveys at regular intervals either annually as a constant measure, or for a specific purpose such as a merger or acquisition.

Valuable management information

Culture is usually hard to define, so the results of your employee surveys will be of great value and give you:

  • Clear guidance on how you develop and implement your corporate strategy and change
  • Knowledge of how specific initiatives have impacted on your organisation
  • Awareness of differences and potential conflict between groups, such as managers and team members, separate functions, and units spread across various sites
  • The ability to assess the potential and actual impact of mergers and acquisitions
  • A context for making HR decisions, such as recruitment, training, how to reduce staff turnover or manage redundancy

Employee surveys are necessarily anonymous, although you will gain information about specific departments and other factors which make trends across groups clear, such as age and gender.

Employee surveys made easy

At Reality HR we will make the implementation of employee surveys painless. Your employees will trust us as a professional third party, to respect their anonymity and safeguard their wellbeing.

We will help you to define:

  • Your objectives for your employee surveys
  • How to communicate the purpose and importance to your employees
  • The questions you will ask
  • How you will use the answers to build the business

Typically the areas that you will be able to learn from in the results of employee surveys include:

  • What percentage of your employees complete them and any big differences between groups
  • How well your people understand the organisation’s vision
  • How enthusiastic your team members are about working at your company
  • How satisfied your people are with specific aspects of their work, such as teamwork and training
  • How well your people understand and apply your organisation’s values
  • The focus that individuals have on the importance of customers and other key business success indicators
  • Attitudes towards key aspects of organisational development such as quality and innovation

You can engage Reality HR to carry out employee surveys as a stand-alone project, as part of a wider project, or if you have recruited us as your Outsourced HR team, we will be encouraging you to make employee surveys part of the way you operate.

See the business improvements you could make with Reality HR using employee surveys to complement your team development activity.

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