International HR


In our experience, when sourcing International HR provision, your biggest concerns are going to be:

  • Complying with UK employment legislation
  • Recruiting, training and retaining high-quality management who dovetail with your company ethos
  • Being able to leave International HR with people who understand you and your needs, leaving you free to concentrate on growing your business
  • Finding a cost-effective way of running the International HR side of your UK operations

Whether it’s negotiating terms and handling tricky restrictive covenants with high-level staff you want to recruit, building an appealing pay and rewards system that takes advantage of UK-based providers such as private health insurance and pensions, or setting up your performance management systems in a way that works for you as well as your UK-based staff, you can rely on Reality HR.

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Tony Hughes, said: 

“We couldn’t do without Reality HR – how could I possibly think that we could? They take the pain out of HR – something I never thought I would say! I admit that when the CFO and I first came on board, we knew nothing about HR, and frankly couldn’t see the point. But now, it is the one area of the business where I can relax. We have a great relationship, and when there is a challenge I know they will come up with the right solution – which is a real weight off my mind.

They understand the way I work, and prepare everything so we can have effective meetings and conversations to agree actions.

We have a meaningful plan and processes in place, but more than that, we have someone who is switched on, and understands the unique challenges of our business. Definitely worth their weight in negotiable derivatives!”

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