Organisation Design


  • Lines of communication start to become blurred and inefficiencies creep in
  • Some work areas are duplicated and some neglected
  • Senior staff hold onto responsibility that should be delegated
  • Employees find it hard to change the way they operate

Organisation design is essential to business growth

During the organisation design process, we help you to define the way the business needs to be structured to ensure the work is done on time, to the quality demanded and in a profitable way. Lines of communication become clear, and management and staff find the focus liberating.

How can Reality HR help us with organisation design?

  • We make sure the right people are in the right role to deliver the work needed
  • We ensure you give them the right authority and skills to do this
  • We help them to understand how to communicate and influence to the right levels
  • We ensure they have the right behaviours to make it happen

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What happens when we engage you to help with organisation design?

We work with you to:

  • Clarify what you are trying to achieve
  • Examine the key tasks
  • Work out the most efficient workflow
  • Help to ensure the right people have clear responsibility and that they have the authority to make things happen
  • Ensure communication, productivity and innovation are working effectively through your people

How do you carry out organisation design?

We use:

  • RACI (Responsibility Assignment Matrix), a process to define where the work would naturally sit, and who has the decision-making power to get it done.
  • Process Mapping – a pictorial way of challenging how things currently happen, where improvements can be made, and how the workflow for the business functions to keep costs down and productivity up.
  • Strategic planning – a way of looking to the future and bringing it back to practical activities today to bring your ideas to fruition.

Improvements as described by one of the business owners

Dominic Bennett, said:

“We knew this project would need to be handled very sensitively and are absolutely delighted with the outcomes. Reality HR handled it really well, and by coming to the process with no bias or preconceived ideas, we knew they would make the best recommendations for the business…The impact on the business has been fantastic – the back office function is able to meet the demands of the business and is fit for growth.”
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