Management training and coaching


How strong is the relationship your line managers have with their individual team members?

It’s a vital question to your company’s success.

The management skill in your business is of critical importance and despite what many believe, management skill does not appear as soon as someone is promoted to the position.

At Reality HR, management training and coaching are among the most effective services we offer. We ensure that your managers learn how to deliver your unique and specific business objectives through their people.

We are not talking about sending someone off on a day’s management training; we are talking about a serious, concerted and on-going focus on management excellence.

We deliver bespoke training that gets the board and the management team on the same page, so management is consistent across the organisation.

Because the effects of training tail off, we also provide an experienced coach who stays alongside your managers and helps them to stick to the programme, understand themselves better, and lead their people to greater performance over the longer term. This leaves you free to focus on the road ahead.

Invest in effective management training and on-going coaching, and there is little doubt you will become one of the more successful companies in your field.

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Tony Wray said:

“The staff are much happier, and working together much better as a team. Everyone is focused and motivated. The clients are also happier – they have noticed that service is much more reliable and more efficient than before. I would say business has grown by 10-20% as a result of the changes that have been implemented.”


Strong management

If you have focused hard on promoting and training good managers:

  • You will have a company full of happy, productive employees
  • You’ll perform well as a business
  • You’ll be able to concentrate on the things that bring you increased success

Management training and coaching are vital

When you work with Reality HR, a senior professional will help you to clarify exactly what each manager must deliver, within the timeframes required by the business. We will then tailor a programme and during its delivery, ensure each manager knows what is expected of him or her. We cover the hard and soft skills that every good manager needs.

The fundamentals of good management are not difficult to grasp, which is why every manager in your company should be expert in knowing what they are and how to apply them – and we help make that happen.

Knowing the fundamentals of management is one thing; applying them will nearly always throw up challenges. We ensure that your management training encompasses an ongoing element, such as individual coaching so that each manager knows what to do and how to react when those challenges appear

What is the difference between management training and management coaching?

Many companies invest in management training but few continue with ongoing coaching, probably because of the cost. Yet here lies a hidden secret of success.

After management training, most people are enthused and full of good intentions. They come back to work, determined to make changes.

However, there are some very typical issues:

  • They remember only around 10% of what they were taught
  • As soon as they are back at their desk, they are hit with the same problems that existed before the training, and these takeover
  • The training manual goes on the shelf or in a drawer, rarely if ever to be opened again
  • They may find time to make one or two important changes to their behaviour, but the rest is forgotten

Without ongoing support, and management of managers, it is unlikely that one intervention of management training will in itself produce a team of high-performance managers.

This is where management coaching and mentoring comes in. At Reality HR, we become an ongoing support resource for your managers. They turn to us to help embed their learning and improve their skills and performance. This enables you, the business owner, to concentrate on your priorities rather than being distracted by managers’ problems.

Reality HR management coaching helps your managers to understand themselves better, and to understand your people so they can lead them to greater performance. Your Reality HR management coach is someone who helps this learning to happen and enables individuals to overcome their own self-limited beliefs and blind spots.

Tony Wray, one of our clients who used our Management Training and Coaching service said

“I have noticed that being a Director and being extremely busy, I have a tendency, in business, to choose the right people for roles that the business needs and then take a back seat and let them get on with it. This has proven to be unwise, so without Sally-Ann I would never have done these one to one meetings. Given the impact the one to ones have had on the business, that would have been a tragedy. Sally-Ann has got to know the staff and their personalities very well, whilst pulling together their role profiles.

I recognise that we have a niche business with lots of techno/legal speak, but Sally-Ann handles it all with aplomb. She now knows the business really well and picks up issues quickly. This has been invaluable in the one to one sessions for bringing the focus back to what needed to be discussed – pushing us to find a solution where things needed to change, and addressing personality and employment issues full on. In particular, it forced me to dedicate time to identify what the business needed out of each employee as well as provide an ideal forum to discuss the contribution made by, and future contribution desired from, each employee.

Reality HR has brought structure to the employment/employee part of the business with HR documents that are tailored to our business, which is so much better than those bland files you can download from the web. You don’t realise you need this sort of thing until you have done it, but it has been invaluable. One to one sessions are now a core part of our business.

And the impact? The staff are much happier and working together much better as a team. Everyone is focused and motivated. The clients are also happier – they have noticed that service is much more reliable and more efficient than before. I would say business has grown by 10-20% as a result of the changes that have been implemented.”

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