Competency Framework


Why you need the Reality HR Competency Framework Toolkit

It helps ensure that each one of your team is working in a job that is ideally suited to his or her inherent attitude, behaviours and skills. Across the business, this generates higher morale and greater productivity.

As a company grows, the roles needed within it change and develop. People who have grown up in the organisation start to struggle, recruitment can be hit and miss, and it becomes clear that action is needed. So how do companies cope?

A competency framework is part of the answer. It gives you a clear picture of the skills, behaviours and attitudes needed in the business, so you can help develop existing team members and recruit new ones to the point where all are aligned with the company’s key values and objectives.

One of the hardest places to start with a competency framework is developing your own inventory of skills, attitudes and behaviours, which is why this Reality HR Toolkit is so valuable.

It includes:

  • A simple guide to explain what a competency framework is
  • A user-friendly framework template to use as a basis for developing your own
  • A comprehensive set of standard competencies which can be used to review and develop the skills you need across the business
  • Competency clusters and bands
  • Levels, e.g. what a supervisor, manager or director needs

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What problems does the Reality HR Competency Framework Toolkit help to solve?

Your competency framework will help you with some of the most potentially damaging people issues a business can face.

  • Recruiting the people who are not quite right for the job or the company – The Reality HR Toolkit enables you to create the right job descriptions and to interview and test for the right fit
  • Promoting talen from within – The Reality HR Toolkit gives you an objective view of each staff member, helps you with selection, and with explaining to people why they are right for a particular role – or not as the case may be
  • Lack of effective learning & development – The Reality HR Toolkit helps identify exactly the training and development each individual needs to increase their overall competency
  • Performance appraisals & management – he Reality HR Toolkit contributes to these essential activities with an impartial picture of progress for manager and team member alike.

Sally Woods, said: 

“Working with Reality HR, we quickly identified that creating a competency framework and robust performance management structure were the keys to resolving people challenges…I believe Reality HR’s experts are worth their weight in gold. I am absolutely delighted with all the work they have done, and I am continuing to work with them on developing our people.”

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