Induction & Probation


It exponentially improves the retention of newly-appointed team members, and ensures that they start producing value for your business as quickly and effectively as possible.

It also enables you to tick every legal compliance box and keep you and your company safe.

Induction should be seamlessly dovetailed as the next step following recruitment and selection.

There are myriad details which, when you pay attention to them, will make each new team member feel important, secure and motivated.

Save days and days of work with the Reality HR checklist and template examples

The great news is that the team at Reality HR will work through a checklist with you and your team, to ensure that these details are implemented throughout your Induction and Probation process.

Using this process, each individual will gradually be integrated into his or her new role.

As well as the detailed checklist, we will provide you with a library of template letters and forms that make your life easy, and your Induction and Probation process nice and tight.

This is worth days and days of work, and is complete, tried and tested so you can relax and rely on it.

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