Assessment Centres


They comprise a selection of tasks which enable your company to discover which candidates most closely fit the person specification, the job role and your organisation’s culture and values.

By using Assessment Centres, you reduce the very costly risks of employing the wrong people. Run correctly, Assessment Centres will give your potential employees a really good insight into your company, and will help them to decide if you are right for them, too.

Running effective Assessment Centres

The way your Assessment Centres operate will depend upon the nature of the job for which you are recruiting, so they can include individual as well as group work, written and oral contributions, and work prepared in advance as well as that performed on the day.

The kind of tasks you would ask people to complete during your Assessment Centres include things that will be required in the job role, such as delivering a report or presentation, an exercise to demonstrate the ability to use time management and prioritisation effectively, analysis of relevant material, individual and/or group problem-solving, group discussions, simulations, and personal and/or functional role-plays.

To be most effective, Assessment Centres need to be administered so that each candidate has an equal opportunity to demonstrate their abilities. The candidates will be given a clear brief, clear goals and a limited amount of time.

Typically you will ask candidates to share information and reach decisions or perform an activity that encourages co-operation or competition, tests creativity or the ability to build on the ideas of others in a way that produces good results for your organisation.

Assessment Centres with Reality HR

By engaging Reality HR to design and run your Assessment Centres, you are assured of accuracy, objectivity and consistency.

Our selectors are trained to scrutinise, document and measure candidates’ input. They find and assess evidence of each candidate’s suitability to fulfil both the job description and person specification. They will ensure you comply with the legal requirements of diversity during the recruitment process.

They will also ensure that feedback is given to all candidates, which supports your organisation’s public image.

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