Psychometric Tests


Psychometric tests are incredibly powerful in helping you to understand the natural behavioural preferences of different employees within the team.

They also enable you to identify which preferences are best suited to which roles in the organisation.

We have found that when the results of psychometric tests are used in team sessions, they help everyone to understand why certain individuals behave as they do, and why they are best suited to particular roles within different functions or departments.

The psychometric tests are non-threatening as they are not based on ability. They are based purely on behavioural styles, so they help everyone to understand each other much better. This understanding opens up new freedoms within the team.

There is the possibility of adjusting roles so that individuals become more successful in jobs which are more suited to their behavioural style.

There is less time-consuming conflict as people start to appreciate that their strengths complement those of their colleagues.

Michael Wright, said:

“I found the psychometric testing process very enlightening, including holding up the mirror with my own results! It was very illuminating to understand the dynamics of how personalities work together, and the kind of individuals we should be looking for when filling out vacancies, to both fulfill the role, and play to the strengths of the team!”
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