Helping your business adapt to new ways of working

As restrictions begin to tighten again, businesses are now in a period where they must consider the difficult decisions and longer-term measures that will put their business on a more stable footing for the months and years to come.

We’re calling this phase REBALANCE and we’re launching it with a survey.

As specialists in people management, it’s important for us to understand how the past few months have changed the way we work and how much of that change is long term or permanent. Most importantly, how do we need to react to support our people and teams in the unpredictable weeks, months and years to come?

This survey isn’t scientific – but it shows a range of views from our clients and contacts, with some common themes emerging.

We’ve found it enlightening and informative in planning the future of our business and how we work with our clients – and we hope you do too.

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Rebalance – New Ways of Working Toolkit

Right now, you may be facing a new challenge as you navigate returning your teams to the workplace, continue supporting remote working or adopting a blended approach. This Toolkit is a comprehensive package of tailored guidance, policies and templates that will help you and your people adapt to this changed way of working.

Download full details here.

Redundancy Toolkit

We are offering a new redundancy toolkit to provide step by step, easy guidance for managers. The toolkit includes an hour’s support from one of our HR Consultants who will introduce the toolkit and answer any of your questions.

Download full details here.

Homeworking: HR Essentials Toolkit

The pandemic effectively imposed a Working from Home Trial on many businesses and we are pleased to offer you a bespoke package of guidance to help you plan for the future of homeworking and flexible working.

Find full details here.

REBALANCE Fact sheets and Downloadables

Extended Furlough Scheme

This fact sheet covers the latest information on the extended furlough scheme due to run until the end of March 2021.

Updated 16th November 2020.

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Test and Trace

This fact sheet covers all you need to know about the Test and Trace service.

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Coronavirus and back to school

This fact sheet offers advice and guidance for employers and employees on the challenges of the Coronavirus crisis and children going back to school.

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Flexible Furlough Scheme

This fact sheet answers questions and explores some practical considerations for the flexible furlough scheme.

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Flexible Working Requests

This fact sheet provides the information you need to respond to a request for flexible working.

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Holidays and Annual Leave

This fact sheet includes information on managing holiday requests and holiday during furlough.

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Back to Work Checklist

This checklist covers some of the considerations you will want to ensure you have covered off before staff can return to the workplace.

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Managing a Team of Remote Workers

This guide will help you build the necessary strong foundations and skilled line managers to ensure homeworking is productive, effective and collaborative.

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Working from Home

Here are some essential homeworking tips from our team based on what we’ve learned along the way.

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