Course description

As recruitment and retention becomes harder in many industries, this module will help managers attract talented applicants for their organisation, while staying within the law at all stages of the recruitment and selection process. The session will cover how to develop objective selection criteria for effective CV screening, and how to advertise roles effectively. 

Delegates will prepare for an interview (selecting appropriate interview questions) and practise their interviewing skills including how to score and assess a candidates’ suitability for the role. Delegates will also learn how to give feedback to unsuccessful candidates in a manner that both safeguards the organisation from discrimination claims and provides a positive and professional image of the company. 

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          Course agenda

          • The recruitment process and legal risks
          • Job Descriptions and Advertising
          • Sifting
          • Interviewing & testing
          • Making an offer
          • Paperwork


          Recommended duration: 2 hours

          We can adapt the agenda depending on your requirements/needs.
          Please discuss this with our team.

          Suitable for: new and experienced managers

          Recruitment and interviewing can be delivered as one course or on their own as stand-alone topics.

                    Learner Objectives

                    By the end of the session, participants will be able to: 

                    • Know when and how to recruit
                    • Create and implement fair and objective selection procedures and criteria  
                    • Understand the range of advertising options available and critically assess which are most appropriate for their company/budget, and which will attract the best/most appropriate candidates
                    • Prepare and hold effective interviews  
                    • Know their responsibilities in relation to making employment offers and rejecting candidates

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