Find and retain the right people

Every successful business is built on its people – so getting the right recruitment support is vital.

Recruiting well can be difficult, time-consuming and expensive, but doing it badly will cost you more in the long run and affect your ability to attract top talent.

To attract candidates with the experience, skills, values and behaviours your business deserves, it is crucial to have recruitment support and processes that are closely aligned to the needs of your organisation and culture.

At Reality HR, our team of HR professionals partner with you, to understand your business and how best to meet your recruitment needs.

How we can support recruitment

We can take care of the whole process or the parts where you need most recruitment support – from developing job specifications, advising on advertising platforms to conducting interviews, onboarding the successful candidates and beyond.

We work with clients across a wide range of industries and will call upon our experience and knowledge in your field, using the most appropriate tools including agencies, job boards, advertising and networking to seek out the candidates who are the best fit.

Depending on your specific requirements, our specialists can sift applications, deal with enquiries from candidates and recruiters, develop interview questions and run assessment centres or psychometric testing to assess each candidate’s suitability not just for the job, but for the unique culture of your business.

We support, advise and ensure you get the best out of your recruitment processes every step of the way.

Why choose Reality HR for recruitment support?

By engaging Reality HR to design and run your recruitment process, you are assured of a partner that brings objectivity and compliance.

Our recruitment support doesn’t have to stop with a hire – once we have found successful candidates, we can support with onboarding, and probation and development as your new employees grow with you right through to retention.

We will work with you to get your new recruits performing and contributing as quickly as possible.

Find out more about our ongoing support on our employee engagementabsenceperformance managementHR Outsourcing and Insights pages.

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Recruitment toolkit

Recruitment is an important process, and the way it is managed can affect your brand, image and ability to attract high calibre individuals.

Our recruitment and selection toolkit describes the recruitment process, from a manager identifying the need to recruit to a new person joining the Company. It provides guidance to managers on best practice and recruiting within the law. It also provides standard documents for use during recruitment activities.

Recruitment review

A recruitment review will help you to fully understand how effective your current recruitment process is.

It will look at the following areas:

  • Job description –  is this clear, concise, realistic and honest?
  • Attraction – how effective are your marketing efforts?
  • Selection criteria – are they objective, clear and not discriminatory?
  • Process/timelines – how thorough is your recruitment process?
  • Onboarding – are you engaging and communicating with your new hire?

Recruitment and Retention Guide

In this guide we look at the ways employers and managers can attract, recruit and retain a talented workforce including:

  • Attracting and retaining candidates through ways other than salary
  • Why Equality, Diversity and Inclusion is important
  • Recruitment and its role in building a positive culture
  • Ghosting
  • How psychometrics can support recruitment
  • Engagement and retention

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On demand webinars

We run a number of recruitment training events throughout the year for business owners and managers.

To catch up with our latest webinars, visit our events page.

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Learn more about recruitment…

From psychometric testing, to employer brand and salary, we cover a number of recruitment related topics in our blog.

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Meet Sally-Ann, the Reality HR Recruiter


Sally-Ann is our lead recruitment specialist. She is candidate driven and passionate about helping people.

She has expertise in high volume and niche recruitment, working across multiple industries and values the importance of giving candidates the best possible experience.

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