Succession Planning


Succession planning is a vital business growth solution and with the skills shortage already biting hard in some sectors and set to spread into others, we believe companies cannot afford to be without succession planning.

Most growing organisations attract talented, ambitious people who aspire to rise up the career ladder, yet there is a tendency for many businesses to look only outside when recruiting to fill the gaps that appear in the higher levels of the company structure as it grows.

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Whilst sometimes this might be the right solution, your own excellent people miss out, get frustrated and potentially leave in order to find personal and career development opportunities.

We can show you how to identify those people with the potential to do more for your business, not just now, but into the future.

How does Reality HR succession planning work? 

  • We start by identifying the future vacancies that your business will need to fill, in order to realise its growth and development ambitions.
  • We then carry out a full review of your people and match them against these future potential roles.
  • We are then ready for the final part of succession planning, which is where we produce a detailed strategy. Each team member’s personal objectives, knowledge and skills are mapped alongside the requirements for future jobs, so that naturally occurring opportunities are identified wherever possible.
  • We provide you with a series of succession planning tools so you can review the strategy cyclically as the future unfolds.

Tim Wallis, said

“Working with Reality HR has had a significant impact on our business – we’ve grown by 30% in the last year, and without Reality that wouldn’t have been possible. I’d say the wheels would probably have fallen off the bus! I think they work so well with us because they really understand our business – what we do and our ethos.”

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Each role above a certain level will ideally have clear succession planning in place, so that as people move up, someone is ready and willing to take their place.

Once you know who they are, we can help you to

  • Communicate your belief in them and the opportunities open to them
  • Furnish them with the skills and knowledge they need to take on bigger, more testing roles without distracting them from their current responsibilities
  • Keep them on track
  • Induct them into higher roles

The benefits of succession planning:

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