HR Toolkits to transform your business

Using our years of experience of working with businesses like yours, our teams have developed a range of HR toolkits designed to help line managers deliver programmes that work. These are easy to follow guides, notes and templates, including one hour’s support from an HR Consultant that will save hours of work and ensure a consistent and effective approach to HR.

Our toolkits help you get the best out of your teams, ensuring they are motivated, engaged and performing to the best of their potential.

Why not add a training session to your HR Toolkit – to ensure your line managers understand the tools and are equipped to use them?

Induction and Probation

Quality induction improves the retention of newly appointed team members, ensures they deliver value for your business as quickly and effectively as possible and protects you through legal compliance.

Our Reality HR Induction and Probation Checklist helps managers successfully integrate each individual into their new role.

As well as a detailed checklist, we provide a library of template letters and forms to make induction simple and processes commercially effective and legal.

It’s a complete, tried and tested package which delivers results.

Competency Framework

Our HR toolkit ensures that every member of your team is working in a job that is ideally suited to their skillset. Improved business performance, morale and retention are just some of the results.

With a clear picture of the skills, behaviours and attitudes needed in the business, you can develop existing team members and recruit new ones, ensuring they are aligned with the company’s key values and objectives and delivering effectively.

This toolkit includes a simple guide to explain competency frameworks, a user-friendly template to develop your own, and a set of standard competencies which you can use to review and develop the skills you need across your organisation.


Performance Management

Support with managing the performance of your team can make a major difference to the success of your business. Get it right and you will nip problems in the bud.

This HR toolkit is an easy to use blueprint for carrying out performance management reviews, helping you set out the standards of conduct and performance you expect of staff, identify performance issues and put support structures in place for underperforming staff.

It also gives you a clear path to follow when poor performance occurs, so you can tackle the issue quickly and effectively.

Appraisals and 1:1s

The Reality Performance Appraisal Toolkit provides an effective framework for the introduction and management of an appraisal system which is tailored to your business.

We personalise and adapt our system to take into account your business’s unique needs and culture. Use it to train and retrain appraisers and align your team with your goals and objectives.

The HR toolkit includes all the resources and forms you need to prepare appraisals, produce reports, set objectives, record one-to-one discussions and prepare development action plans.


Our Redundancy Toolkit provides step by step, easy to follow guidance for mangers. As a redundancy is (in law) a dismissal, it is important to follow a fair process with clear communication about what is happening, why it is happening and giving those affected the opportunity to discuss options prior to a decision being made.

The HR Toolkit will provide you with guidance about the recommended process alongside template letters for the most common scenarios, however we recognise that situations and timescales will differ and your Reality HR team will always be on hand to discuss the specifics of any particular situation to help you get the right result for your business.

Hybrid Working

This Toolkit offers vital information for employers whose people will be working on a hybrid model temporarily or permanently.

A Reality HR Consultant will guide you through some of the aspects you need to consider when planning the future of hybrid working in your business and implementing your vision, practical advice on the logistics and effective working practices of teams that are in and out of the office or working varying hours and guidance on managing the performance and personal development of remote workers.

The HR Toolkit also includes bespoke policies and documents tailored to your organisation including:

  • Homeworking policy and/or Hybrid working policy
  • Risk assessments for homeworkers
  • Flexible working policy
  • Contract policy and agreements to reflect the new ways of working
  • Essential letters and templates


Grievances are concerns, problems or complaints that employees raise, which can concern matters such as an employee’s work, physical working environment, pay and benefits, working hours, health and safety, working relationships or general treatment at work.

The Reality HR Grievance Toolkit is a step-by-step guide for managers of how to manage broth informal and formal grievances ensuring the handling of the grievance is in line with best practice and employment legislation.

Investigations and Disciplinary Hearings

All organisations must have a disciplinary policy and procedure, which sets out what performance and behaviour might lead to disciplinary action. The policy must also follow the ACAS code of practice and your implementation of the policy must be fair, consistent and reasonable.

The Disciplinary Toolkit is a step-by-step guide for managers who are using the disciplinary procedure to investigate and take act6ion against possible misconduct by an employee. It contains detailed guidance and explanations for managers to follow, along with template letters for all common scenarios and contexts.

Recruitment and Selection

Recruitment is an important process, and the way it is managed can affect your brand, image and ability to attract high calibre individuals.

This Guide describes the recruitment process, from a manager identifying the need to recruit to a new person joining the Company. It provides guidance to managers on best practice and recruiting within the law. It also provides standard documents for use during recruitment activities.

Absence Management

How you manage sickness absence within your company can have a huge impact, both financially through paying sick pay and paying someone else to cover the work of the absent employee and also motivationally and productively to those who are absent and those who may have to take on extra work.

This HR Toolkit therefore provides vital guidance on the steps to take in managing both short term and long-term absence, practical steps to aid your employees’ return to work where possible and information on the legislative requirement to provide reasonable adjustments where an illness may constitute a disability.


The Reality HR Mental Health and Wellbeing Toolkit provides guidance and information for managers to follow to help them support the mental health and wellbeing of their staff.

There are simple, practical techniques to help managers recognise the signs and symptoms of mental health distress and open supportive, non-judgmental conversations with staff members, as well as signposting to further help and support.

The HR Toolkit includes the following tools and templates:

  • Employee Wellbeing policy
  • Stress management policy
  • Stress risk assessment policy
  • Stress checklist and stress indicator
  • Wellbeing Action Plan
  • Crisis Action Plan

Working from Home

This comprehensive Toolkit outlines the pros and cons of working from home, the practical considerations when managing a remote workforce and highlights your duty of care.

It contains a variety of policy frameworks, letter templates, questionnaire ideas and guidance to support managers through a transition to homeworking for one or more member of staff.

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