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Your company’s success depends upon a strong team of managers, who continually grow together. That’s why we offer the most effective management training, coaching and teambuilding that money can buy.


  • We have designed our offering around our knowledge and experience of how SME’s grow through their people
  • We can acquire in-depth knowledge of your business and company culture and effectively bespoke a training solution if needed
  • We have developed an inventory of management and team training modules for fast-growing SME’s, which you can buy in a way that suits your needs
  • Our Master Trainers are expert at adapting, delivering and evaluating the training to fit the way your business operates, and how your people work

We offer complimentary Lunch and Learn sessions as a taster – talk to your Reality HR Consultant or contact us for more information on 01256 328 428.



Bespoke programmes

What would happen to your business results, if every one of your managers was really good at recruiting, retaining and growing the right people?

It would make a significant difference to your success.

That’s why, over the last few years, we have developed market-leading bespoke leadership and management training, flexibly designed for SME’s.  First, we learn about your business, its culture and its aims, and spend time with your management team, analysing their learning needs.

Then, we advise you on how to achieve leadership and management excellence through our training.

You might need a single stand-alone module to refine what’s already great, an in-depth programme delivered over time, using a bespoke combination of several modules coupled with on-going one-to-one coaching – or something in between.

Open access courses

In response to demand, we hold open access courses so that individuals, and even your whole management team, can benefit from our training. These courses provide a great opportunity to network with managers from other SME companies with similar goals and challenges. 

Our most frequently requested courses are:

  • HR Essentials for Line Managers
  • Performance Management
  • Discipline & Grievance

We can run programmes based on other modules in our training inventory, so if you need one or more of your managers to benefit from learning a particular skill, just ask your Reality HR Consultant who will seek a solution that works for you. 



Throughout the year we offer bite-sized seminars on a range of topics, sometimes in partnership with our preferred Employment Solicitors.

This year we will be covering the following topics:

  • Diversity & Equality
  • Social Media in the workplace
  • Non-typical working
  • Employee Wellbeing

The seminars give participants a strategic introduction to a variety of people-related topics and provide a platform leading to further detailed training courses.

For details of the Lunch and Learn schedule, please talk to your Reality HR Consultant, or call us on 01256 328 428


The Role and Responsibilities of a Manager... read more

Ideal for new managers, this module covers the personal transition from team member to manager, the qualities of an effective manager and how to build credibility as a new manager within the team.

The session provides a robust platform on which to build other management modules. Depending on the delegate’s knowledge and experience, we recommend between two and four hours for this session.

Leadership... read more

The Leadership module will prepare managers to behave as leaders of people. They will understand the principles of leadership and how to apply them in practice.

We recommend allowing two hours for this module – ideal to combine with another topic to optimise your training time.

Performance Management – Improving Performance... read more

This module will help managers to identify poor or under-performance, along with practical ideas and techniques to resolve poor performance informally. Learn when and how to escalate issues and take HR advice.

We recommend allowing two hours for this module and suggest combining it with Conducting Effective Appraisals and One-to-Ones, to optimise your team member’s performance.

Conducting Effective Appraisals and One-to-Ones... read more

When your company introduces an appraisal system, you need to be clear on why you carry out appraisals and the benefits for all involved. This session covers how to prepare for an appraisal meeting, the structure to follow and how to set effective objectives.

We recommend allowing two hours for this module and also combining it with Performance Management – Improving Performance, to optimise your team member’s performance.

Managing Difficult People and Situations... read more

Managers often shy away from difficult conversations, so this module is perfect for those who need to build their confidence in order to grasp those nettles. Delegates identify the types of people and situations they find tough, and develop practical approaches for working successfully with difficult people as well as a range of challenging situations.

This can be run as a stand-alone module of four hours, or combined with our Performance Management module for a full day of training to boost your team member’s success as a manager.

Investigations... read more

Aimed at front-line managers and team leaders, this module will cover how to conduct thorough investigations for disciplinary or grievance issues and the importance of conducting investigations before commencing disciplinary action.

We recommend allowing two hours for this module, and suggest combining it with our Disciplinary and Grievance modules to create a full day of training which ensures your managers have a full understanding of these testing procedures.

Disciplinary... read more

Managers will learn how to run a disciplinary hearing, ensuring compliance with the Acas Code of Conduct. They will understand the difference between misconduct and gross misconduct, and the range of reasonable outcomes from disciplinary hearings

We recommend allowing two hours for this module, as well as combining it with our Investigations and Grievance modules to create a full day of training which ensures your managers have a full understanding of these important procedures.

Grievance... read more

During this session, managers learn how to resolve grievances informally, how to conduct a formal grievance hearing and the legal framework surrounding grievances, including the risks of failing to follow a comprehensive process

We recommend allowing two hours for this module, as well as combining it with our Investigations and Disciplinary modules to create a full day of training which ensures your managers have a full understanding of these challenging procedures.

Employee Engagement... read more

This session is perfect for senior managers and business owners who need to understand employee engagement: what it is, and how it is crucial to the profitable growth of their organisation. We explore the impact of employee engagement on productivity and profitability in the short and long-term.

This is a half-day session and covers topics as diverse as Recruitment, Benefits, Remuneration and Exit Interview data.

Culture and Values... read more

This one-day workshop is the culmination of a valuable process for the whole business.

During the day, we facilitate whilst your Senior Leadership Team defines and clarifies the company values which support your unique mission and vision. Earlier in the process we will have carried out pre-work which includes a series of meetings, where we get to understand your culture and future plans. This process gives us the information we need, to prepare your Culture and Values workshop.

Motivation, Team Working and Team Leadership... read more

This interactive session is designed for managers at any level who are determined to increase the effectiveness of their team. Delegates assess their team’s styles, and plan activities to improve communication and lift motivation.

This is a half-day interactive workshop.

Absence Management, Mental Health and Employee Wellbeing... read more

This module is designed for organisations concerned about staff absence or sickness levels. Delegates learn how to complete effective Return to Work Interviews, how to ease team members back into the work­place following longer term absences and how to utilise Occupational Health provisions for advice. You will gain a good understanding of disability and the duty to make reasonable adjustments, as well as gain practical ideas to support team members and offer cost-effective wellbeing, which improves attendance levels

This half day module is suitable for any organisation looking to give greater support to its team members and improve attendance levels.

Recruitment, Selection and Interviewing... read more

As recruitment and retention becomes more competitive in many industries, these skills become more important. This module will help your organisation to attract talent, while ensuring you stay within the law at all stages of the recruitment process. Delegates will have a chance to practise their interview skills during the session.

We recommend three hours for this module, and combining it with our Induction and Probation for a comprehensive guide to finding, securing and retaining talent.

Induction and Probation... read more

An effective induction for your new starters is crucial to getting them up to speed as quickly as possible and plays a fundamental part in retaining them. Regular reviews during probation will ensure they perform to your expectations sooner rather than later.

We recommend two hours for this module, and suggest combining it with our Recruitment, Selection and Interviewing module for a comprehensive guide to finding, securing and retaining talent.

Diversity and Equality... read more

Understanding the legal basis for Equality and Diversity is now of critical importance – and appreciating the business benefits makes the subject motivational. This module will provide a forum for discussion and debate and provide practical tips for increasing diversity within your organisation.

We recommend four well spent hours, helping you plan for business benefits and avoid costly complaints and Employment Tribunals.

HR Essentials for Managers – a one-day introduction to HR... read more

This valuable day provides an interesting and informative introduction to the main areas of HR and people management. It is designed to help managers to understand the scope of their role.

It introduces delegates to:

  • Employment Law Fundamentals, Discrimination and the Equality Act
  • Recruitment, Induction and Probation
  • Managing Attendance
  • Discipline and Grievance
  • Performance Management
  • Appraisal Skills

Delegation... read more

Managers often get frustrated that they cannot do everything, and it’s because they haven’t learned how to delegate. This module will cover the benefits of delegating and provide a structured approach to doing so effectively.

We recommend two hours for this module. By combining it with Effective Time Management and Prioritisation, delegates will have the tools to be at their most productive.

Effective Time Management and Prioritisation... read more

Suitable for managers at all levels, this session provides advice on prioritising tasks and activities and eliminating time wasters.

Your managers will invest four hours of their time effectively and efficiently. If they are experienced and the team is looking for a refresher, the session can be condensed into two hours.

By combining it with our Delegation module, delegates will know how to operate at their most productive levels.

Problem-Solving and Decision-Making... read more

In business, solving problems and making decisions are daily events. The course covers a variety of models for problem-solving and decision-making. It encompasses knowledge about the business and emotional factors that you need to take into consideration when considering different problem-solving and decision-making preferences.

This half day training will set up your managers to gather information, solve problems and make effective decisions.

Effective Communication and Feedback... read more

This module is essential for everyone who wants to improve their communication, understand the barriers to good communication and learn how to overcome them. Delegates will take away tips and tools for giving feedback to their team members, colleagues and – often most important of all – their manager.

We recommend four hours for this module, and suggest combining it with our Influencing and Assertiveness module for a full day’s training.

Influencing and Assertiveness... read more

These are essential skills which enable managers to achieve win-win outcomes. Delegates will leave the session with an understanding of what assertive behaviour looks like, be able to describe and detect positive and negative influencing styles and use non-verbal communication tools for influencing.

We recommend four hours for this module, and suggest combining it with our Effective Communication and Feedback module for a full day’s training.

Change Management... read more

Suitable for managers working in fast-paced environments or those facing changes in the workplace, this module provides delegates with an understanding of the theory behind change management, coupled with practical tools to understand reactions to change, and ways of supporting team members facing change or upheaval.

We recommend four hours for this module.

Meeting Management... read more

A lot of time at work is spent in meetings – this module helps to ensure that this time is well-invested.  Managers will review whether a meeting is the right format, identify the roles needed during the meeting and plan how to follow-up effectively.

We recommend four hours for this module, and promise to use every moment efficiently and effectively.

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