Helping the business to develop and grow

Transform Venue first approached Reality HR in 2015 after recognising a need for expert HR advice. The business owners understood the benefits of working with a specialist outsourced HR provider, to help their business to grow.

During the early months, Reality HR worked with the business owners to identify the people challenges facing the business, and to prioritise and deliver a number of HR projects. These included streamlining HR administration by implementing a cloud-based system, drafting job descriptions and salary benchmarking to assist with recruitment, drafting new employment contracts to reflect the business needs and providing team leadership coaching to the warehouse team.

In 2017 Reality HR worked closely with Transform Venue to facilitate a review of the business’ strategic focus and direction, and subsequently developed strategic people plans to support the move to a new business model.  As Transform Venue became more agile and flexible in a highly competitive commercial market place, a restructuring programme was necessary.

Reality HR designed and supported a programme appropriate to Transform Venue’s diverse and close-knit culture, with clear employee communication, sensitivity and an expert understanding of people and legal issues. This, along with ongoing coaching, guidance and providing a sounding board throughout the process, gave Transform Venue the confidence to implement changes that were right for the business, and fair to their teams. Transform Venue could remain focused on their clients and on their day-to-day business, whilst achieving these significant but necessary strategic changes.

Reality HR continues as Transform Venue’s outsourced HR function, providing both day-to-day support for any people issues that arise, as well as undertaking recruitment and other HR projects to support the growth of the business.

Jabez Marks explains:

“Reality HR has been crucial in helping us to restructure our business to respond to the needs of our market. For example, they have helped us to understand the implications on our staff of what we planned to do, providing support at every step of the way. This gave us confidence that what we were doing would achieve the right results, was legally compliant and both fair and sensitive to the needs of all our colleagues.” 

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What our clients say

"We were delighted to find in Reality a whole team of HR professionals who always respond with, ‘we can find a way of doing that’, and whose people are focused on commercially sound outcomes.” 

Jim Highnam . BV Dairy

"We are delighted with the progress that has been made in the last 12 months. Reality HR’s contribution to improving performance management has been terrific ..."

Marcus Graziano . Caspian One

"We were attracted to Reality HR because they took a very practical approach to HR, that was much more human and pragmatic than other providers ..."

Sue Massey. Inductotherm Heating & Welding

"The clients are also happier – they have noticed that service is much more reliable and more efficient than before. I would say business has grown by 10-20% as a result of the changes that have been implemented ..."

Tony Wray. Optimus Patents