The 10 mistakes of a new manager

You’ve spotted leadership potential, extended a promotion to your chosen individual and they’ve become a manager. Unfortunately, the work doesn’t end with their promotion; in fact, now the hard work really begins as you embark on a journey to develop them as a manager. There are so many opportunities for mistakes as the new manager… Read More

The best process for managing out employees

Sometimes we are faced with the difficult situation of having an employee that is having performance management issues and just isn’t working out for the business. If the performance issues are severe it is easy to get impatient and want to exit them from the company as quickly as possible. In these sorts of situations,… Read More

How to manage your team without micromanaging them

Good leaders have teams that can be held accountable. They will focus on the positive ways that accountability can motivate their team by giving them purpose and a sense of accomplishment. The all-around opinion is that Micromanaging, on the other hand, is bad. Before we go into that in more depth, let’s set out the… Read More

The problems with one-to-ones

Last week we talked about what questions you should be asking during your one-to-ones You can recap here: Example questions for your one-to-ones But other than making sure you’re asking the right questions, there are some other core problems that a lot of managers face: You can easily lose focus – You can easily end up… Read More

Example questions for your one-to-ones

Having a continuous feedback loop through regular one-to-one meetings between managers and your team is an invaluable tool. It allows you to build relationships, identify and address problems straight away, and keep on top of objectives and progress. These three categories are a good mix for balanced one-to-one questions. Here are ten example questions you… Read More

The pitfalls of new managers

We speak a lot about new starters, managers included, and how hiring them is only the first step. In one of our other posts about first-time managers, we talked about how the transition from employee to a manager is actually a pretty big step and training is crucial to make sure this happens smoothly. Arguably… Read More

Hiring your shining stars vs black holes

Every business needs its shining stars in order to succeed. This is a fairly obvious statement. In this post however, we are going to talk about the dangers of hiring black holes that can swallow up your shining stars and eventually, your whole business. I know it sounds extreme but let me explain. In the… Read More

How to be a feedback Master

Some people may view giving feedback as a “confrontation”. Along with feedback in general, this term has many negative connotations which are not necessarily correct. This misunderstanding leads many to feel uncomfortable and reluctant about giving feedback, even though it is crucial to the development and the engagement of your team. What it really comes… Read More

Why do we hate giving feedback?

Not many people out there feel comfortable pointing out someone else’s weaknesses to them Especially face to face with someone in a private meeting that can feel a lot like an interrogation. Face to face engagement when delivering criticism is awkward for pretty much everyone! People also care about their employees and we can develop… Read More