International Human Resource Management

Expertise across borders - Supporting your teams, wherever they are

Managing HR can be complex when a team is based in just one country – so in a business that works across borders, international human resource management can easily become a daunting task.

As well as businesses that routinely trade overseas, the use of technology to connect people globally has led an increasing number of organisations having to consider an international element to their people management.

As a team of experienced consultants with expertise in dealing with multinational companies, Reality HR can support or completely outsource your international HR function, giving you confidence to concentrate on what you do best – running your business.

There are the legal quirks of varying jurisdictions to consider, but it’s also important that differing cultural norms, values and behaviours are taken into account. We can help ensure the compliance of functions such as the sharing of data between different functions of the business which can be highly complex if, for example, your IT function is in a different country to your payroll.

Our experts can also help with difficult tasks such as cross-border recruitment, training and management and help set up your HR provision in a way that supports your teams in the UK and internationally.

For more information on how Reality HR can help you and your international business navigate the often complex issue of international human resources management, contact us on 01256 328428 or email:

We couldn’t do without Reality HR – how could I possibly think that we could? They take the pain out of HR – something I never thought I would say! I admit that when the CFO and I first came on board, we knew nothing about HR, and frankly couldn’t see the point. But now, it is the one area of the business where I can relax. We have a great relationship, and when there is a challenge I know they will come up with the right solution – which is a real weight off my mind.


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