Employment contracts and employee handbooks

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Employment Contracts

For all employers, a legally sound, comprehensive employment contract is essential – not just for legal compliance but also to ensure employer and employee alike understand what is required of them, right from the start of the relationship.

Employers are legally obliged to issue contracts of employment on the first day of employment, and these should be read, signed and returned by the employee to be retained on file.

Poorly-drafted or non-existent employment contracts are a huge risk to a business, storing up potential problems for the future – particularly if a disciplinary issue or grievance arises.

Our consultants are specialists in working with business owners, managers and in-house HR departments to provide contracts that are comprehensive, easy to understand and up to date with current legal requirements.

We also offer an option to regularly revise and maintain your contracts, advising you of changing legislation, HR trends and obligations – protecting your staff and your business now and in the future.

Employee Handbooks

A good employee handbook doesn’t just support the contract of employment. It’s an essential guide to working at your company and an introduction to the business’s unique culture and values.

A good handbook supports the contract in setting out how employees are expected to conduct themselves, who they can turn to if they need support, and what they can expect from you as their employer or manager. It also provides information about everything from company policies to employee benefits to social arrangements.

As one of the first tools businesses use to engage with new staff, the employee handbook is a vital document during the onboarding process and throughout the working relationship

Every business is different, so no two company handbooks should be the same. Our consultants work closely with business owners and managers to produce handbooks that not only support the legal employment contact, but also reflect the unique tone, personality, culture and values of your company.

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