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When love blooms (then wilts) in the workplace

It’s Valentine’s Day and it’s official; office romance is alive and well. We spend around a third of our time with our colleagues at work – often socialising out of hours too, so it should come as no surprise to hear that one in five people meet their partner at work. Regardless of the industry,… Read More

The 10 mistakes of a new manager

You’ve spotted leadership potential, extended a promotion to your chosen individual and they’ve become a manager. Unfortunately, the work doesn’t end with their promotion; in fact, now the hard work really begins as you embark on a journey to develop them as a manager. There are so many opportunities for mistakes as the new manager… Read More

Empower your team to better manage their time

What’s the one report you’ll never see on a balance sheet, but is critical to the success of every business? It’s the measure of productivity. When we think about time management, we tend to think about it from an individual’s point of view – so much so that it’s easy to forget how teams of… Read More

January Blues? We’re resolving to banish them

Is January anyone’s favourite month? After all the anticipation, Christmas seems to disappear in a flash and before we know it long lie-ins are a thing of the past and it’s no longer socially acceptable to stay in pyjamas all day or eat chocolate for breakfast. There’s no denying it; the post-festive lull can feel… Read More

Because it’s Christmas… The diary of a hapless manager

It’s nearly Christmas; not long now until you can put your out of office on and rush home to a pile of gift wrapping and turkey-stuffing (all with a glass of wine in hand). To end the year on a jolly note, we are unashamedly sharing the ‘diary of a hapless manager’ written by Anthony… Read More

Working from home: the trend continues

Working at home is a rapidly growing trend; the fact that we all have access to email, chat, video conferences, cloud collaboration software and dozens of other technologies means almost any job can be done remotely. Whether your employees work exclusively from home or divide their working hours between home and the office, it would… Read More

The six most common long term sickness questions answered

From time to time every business is faced with employees who have long-term sickness. It’s a challenging time which affects productivity and staff morale, but being armed with the answers to the most commonly asked questions will certainly ease the tension. An employee is not fit for work but everyone on Facebook can see they… Read More

How can you help carers manage work and caring responsibilities?

To coincide with National Carers Day on Friday 24th November, we look at ways in which you can best support your employees with caring responsibilities to strike the perfect balance between being productive at work enabling them to manage their caring responsibilities. There are 3 million working carers in the UK and they have special… Read More

Why your employees are leaving

Employees leave for a multitude of reasons and whilst some will be completely out of your control, there are strategies you can implement to reduce attrition, especially when the reasons for leaving are due to feeling dissatisfied at work. When you consider that it can cost up to a years’ salary to replace an employee,… Read More

Six steps to manage stress in the workplace

With 4 out of 10 sick days taken in the UK being stress-related, many employees are reluctant to talk about their own stress levels for fear of being seen as weak by admitting that they are struggling. To coincide with this week’s National Stress Awareness Day, we take a look at the main causes of… Read More

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