Equality in the workplace – how far have we come?


Equality and fairness in the workplace has never been higher on the HR agenda. Tougher legislation, a general culture shift and high-profile media cases have ensured these issues are now firmly in the spotlight. But, despite significant strides being made, how far have we really come as we mark Human Rights Day this December? The… Read More

Five practical steps to support employees with disabilities


A diverse and inclusive workplace – two things that are now widely recognised as key drivers for business success. But, despite seven million people in Britain of working age having a disability or health condition, it’s fair to say that people with disabilities are underrepresented in the workplace. Are employers potentially missing out on skills… Read More

Salary benchmarking – an important practice for continued business success

2019 is fast approaching which no doubt means you are considering pay reviews and with that raises the question – have you thought about salary benchmarking? The way you pay, including how much and why, matters to your current and potential employees. Undertaking salary benchmarking will give you impartial and accurate pay information to help… Read More

Work-related stress – the most common questions employers ask

Written by SAM DOW

Mental health, stress and wellbeing are all words that we are hearing more frequently and they are finally beginning to receive the recognition that they deserve. For an employer, it can be daunting to know how to recognise and manage an employee who is suffering with work-related stress – be reassured; we’re here to guide… Read More

Social media at work – embrace it or ban it?


Social media is continuously evolving and so is our understanding of the benefits it could bring to your business. We believe there are huge advantages to letting employees engage with social media whilst at work, but on the flipside – what happens if they misuse it? We’ve teamed up with Herrington Carmichael – our trusted… Read More

Are you offering candidates a seat at the top table?

It’s no secret that we’re now recruiting in a candidate-driven market. The days of a one-sided recruitment process are well and truly over and it’s simply no longer just about what the candidate can offer you, but what you the employer are bringing to the table and also how you’re bringing it. To find out… Read More

Flexible working – is it worth it?

It was almost 38 years ago that Dolly Parton sang about how working 9-5 wasn’t a way to make a living – so why are there still so many employers reluctant to embrace flexible working? Employers say: “If I do it for one I’ll have to do it for everyone”, we say: “so, do it… Read More

How to create a strong employer brand

It’s time to ask yourself what you think your employees would say about working for you. Imagine, they’re talking to their friends and they’re asked that ever popular question – “how’s work?” It’s important as a business owner to consider how they would respond; would they roll their eyes and mutter “it pays the bills”,… Read More