Lad banter: what is acceptable in the workplace?

Written by KATE SCOTT

Light-hearted conversations are an important part of workplace life – nobody wants to work in miserable silence. But at what point does ‘banter’ become a form of bullying, and is it damaging to workplace culture? Communication between employees is generally to be encouraged, even if the conversation isn’t directly related to work. Jovial conversations can… Read More

How should employers support staff with cancer?


It is now a known fact – reported by Macmillan UK – that in one year a HR department for a large organisation will see more cancer diagnoses than a GP. It is vital that you know what support you can offer your employees if they are faced with a cancer diagnosis. Many people decide… Read More

The five C’s of restructuring your business


As a company grows, issues can start to appear that can reduce productivity and profitability. Lines of communication may become blurred, creating subtle inefficiencies that add up over time. Work areas may get duplicated or neglected, senior staff may be used to holding on to tasks when delegation would be more appropriate and employees might… Read More

Is the future of work a four-day week?

Written by KATE SCOTT

Is it possible to be more productive, healthier and happier by working four days a week instead of five? Since the last recession, average working hours in the UK have increased, and it is well documented that as a nation we are overworked and stressed. Against that background it’s perhaps no surprise that many employees… Read More

Making remote workers feel part of your company

Written by EMILY GENT

Advances in technology now enable companies to employ remote workers from just about anywhere in the world – provided they have a WiFi connection and a laptop, and the nature of the work is compatible with remote working, they’re ready to go. Statistics from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) showed that, in 2015, 4.2… Read More

Where to start with a Wellness Action Plan?

Written by JO STEVENS

Supporting mental health and wellbeing in team members is the duty of every employer, and a Wellness Action Plan (WAP) can be a vital tool to help achieve that aim. Put simply, a WAP is an agreed document between an employer and member of staff that sets out how they should be supported in the… Read More