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Working from home: the trend continues

Working at home is a rapidly growing trend; the fact that we all have access to email, chat, video conferences, cloud collaboration software and dozens of other technologies means almost any job can be done remotely. Whether your employees work exclusively from home or divide their working hours between home and the office, it would… Read More

The six most common long term sickness questions answered

From time to time every business is faced with employees who have long-term sickness. It’s a challenging time which affects productivity and staff morale, but being armed with the answers to the most commonly asked questions will certainly ease the tension. An employee is not fit for work but everyone on Facebook can see they… Read More

How can you help carers manage work and caring responsibilities?

To coincide with National Carers Day on Friday 24th November, we look at ways in which you can best support your employees with caring responsibilities to strike the perfect balance between being productive at work enabling them to manage their caring responsibilities. There are 3 million working carers in the UK and they have special… Read More

Why your employees are leaving

Employees leave for a multitude of reasons and whilst some will be completely out of your control, there are strategies you can implement to reduce attrition, especially when the reasons for leaving are due to feeling dissatisfied at work. When you consider that it can cost up to a years’ salary to replace an employee,… Read More

Six steps to manage stress in the workplace

With 4 out of 10 sick days taken in the UK being stress-related, many employees are reluctant to talk about their own stress levels for fear of being seen as weak by admitting that they are struggling. To coincide with this week’s National Stress Awareness Day, we take a look at the main causes of… Read More

The seven habits of great managers

You know the ones; the managers who have an infectious love for their work and the ability to make decisions with both empathy and experience. They know exactly where they are going and how they’re going to get there.  They plan ahead, maintain momentum and get things done. Whether you’re recruiting or promoting, there’s not… Read More

How to motivate an disengaged employee

Every industry will encounter demotivated employees at some time. You’ve undoubtedly seen it before; those who over time become less and less productive and not only does the individual’s performance suffer, but often the moods of their coworkers are dragged down with them.  To achieve that elusive place where all your team are fully engaged… Read More

Managing Mental Health in the workplace

Poor mental health is one of the biggest issues faced by employers today with over 70 million working days lost each year. As well as having a huge impact on the employees themselves, there’s a knock on effect in the workplace due to sickness absence, increased staff turnover and lost productivity. Tuesday 10th October is… Read More

Are older workers your best asset?

The rise of the millennial workforce has had much media attention recently, but when 30% of the UK workforce is over 50, how can you make the most of all that experience? With no fixed retirement age and employees working longer to top up their pensions, this age group can often be regarded as a… Read More

Are dress codes in the workplace as outdated as 80s fashion?

This week, Jeans for Genes Day invites employees to wear jeans to work in return for a contribution to the charity that supports children affected by a genetic disorder in the UK.  As this event gains more engagement every year, it raises a valid question; is there any reason why employees of certain sectors can’t… Read More

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