Contracts of Employment & Employee Handbooks


There is widespread misunderstanding about contracts of employment. Even though they appear to be a dry subject, if you are going to be a good custodian of your business, they are something you must get 100% right.

One of the big misconceptions is around the need to issue contracts of employment, and to have them signed and returned by each employee.

The fact is that you are legally obliged to issue contracts of employment within eight weeks of the employee’s start date.

You should then have the employee read, sign and return the document. This is  because in the event of a dispute, if you do not have this proof to hand, it is possible for the employee to deny having received it, or plea that they were unaware of a clause that is relevant to the dispute.

When you work with Reality HR, you will gain contracts of employment which are absolutely up-to-date in regard to the law, and which are written in a style that reflects your company’s culture and values.

You will also benefit from using common-sense options which ensure you are not tangled up in unnecessary and time-consuming red tape at some point in the future.

You can choose to engage us to maintain your contracts of employment so that if there is a change to employment law which requires a change to your contracts, you can relax safe in the knowledge that your paperwork stays up-to-date and that you have taken steps to ensure your team members are aware.

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Your company’s employee handbook is a separate document from your contract of employment. This way, when changes to employment law occur – as they inevitably will – you are unlikely to need to change your fundamental contracts and require everyone to re-sign them. You simply make changes to the employee handbook and notify everyone of the change.

We will encourage you to see your employee handbook as an essential guide to working at your company, and you should issue it as soon as possible when someone joins.  It will contain paragraphs to ensure that all team members are aware of their personal and legal responsibilities when they work with you, such as compliance with anti-discrimination laws, and preventing bribery and corruption.

Your managers should ensure that their team members are fully aware of the importance of the employee handbook, and must be able to answer employees’ questions arising from it, so they need to understand it and be made aware of changes as they arise.

The beauty of engaging Reality HR to help you create and maintain your employee handbook, is that you know it will be legally secure as well as written in a way that reflects your organisation’s culture and values.

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