Course description

Managers often find they cannot do everything, but they don’t delegate! This module will cover the benefits of delegating and provide a structured approach to delegating effectively.  

Equip participants with the skills and knowledge to delegate effectively and foster a culture of empowerment within their teams.


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          Course agenda

          • Understanding the importance and benefits of delegation
          • How to assess tasks and responsibilities for delegation: complexity, time sensitivity, and skill requirements.
          • Assessing individuals’ capability and desire for new responsibilities
          • Setting clear goals, expectations, and deadlines, and communicating effectively
          • Providing the necessary autonomy, authority and support
          • Addressing challenges and concerns during delegation.
          • Creating a supportive environment for continuous learning and growth.
          • Celebrating successes and recognising efforts to encourage a positive attitude toward delegation.


            Recommended duration: 1-2 hours 

            We can adapt the agenda depending on your requirements/needs.
            Please discuss this with our team.

            Suitable for: all managers (especially those new to delegation)

            Learner Objectives: 

            By the end of the session, participants will be able to: 

            • Describe the benefits and steps to take to delegate effectively
            • Identify suitable opportunities to delegate 
            • Communicate effectively when delegating tasks and projects
            • Offer appropriate support and learning opportunities
            • Overcome objections and create a culture where people are eager to take on new responsibilities


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