Homeworking: HR Essentials

As the initial stages of the Coronavirus crisis hit the UK, businesses and employees quickly adapted to work from home wherever possible. For many businesses, this was very new and flew in the face of previous beliefs that their work could not be done from home.

The pandemic effectively imposed a Working from Home Trial on many businesses and we are pleased to offer you a bespoke package of guidance to help you plan for the future of homeworking and flexible working.

Tailored for your business, easy to use guidance, includes vital information on:

  • Planning the future of homeworking in your business
  • Homeworking Policy (tailored to your business)
  • Employer obligations and Duty of Care
  • Risk assessments for homeworkers
  • Flexible working Policy
  • Handling flexible working requests
  • Managing remote workers
  • Essential letters and contract clauses

Download toolkit pricing and information

Do you have a Homeworking Policy in place?

Now is a good time to review how homeworking arrangements can be made even better, to help staff work just as effectively as they do in the usual workplace.  Contact our HR Consultants to chat about how we can support you.