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Managing People

Training with Reality HR

Our courses are delivered via a live video call over Zoom. Our sessions vary from 30 minutes to no more than two hours. Some larger topics are split into two or more sessions.

Performance Management

This module will help managers to identify poor and under-performance, along with practical processes and techniques to resolve poor performance informally. Managers will learn when and how to escalate issues and take HR advice. Delegates will also learn how to manage their high performers – how to extend and challenge them through structured development plans, to increase engagement and motivation.

Conducting Effective Appraisals and 121s

Appraisals can often be seen as a “box-ticking” exercise and may not provide the best possible value. This session will outline the benefits for all involved and equip managers with the knowledge and skills to lead effective annual Appraisals and 121 meetings throughout the year, including how to set and monitor effective objectives.

Absence Management

This module will be perfect for any organisation that is worried about staff absence or sickness levels. Delegates will learn how to complete effective Return to Work Interviews, how to ease employees back into the workplace following longer term absences and how to utilise Occupational Health provisions for advice.

Delegates will gain a good understanding of the law surrounding disability discrimination and the duty to make reasonable adjustments, as well as practical ideas to support employees and improve their attendance levels.

Homeworking for Managers

Managing Remote Teams. As the future of the workplace is in question, and longer-term homeworking becomes the norm, we will provide your managers the skills and practical knowledge they need to manage their remote teams. We will consider:

  • The legal obligations around health and safety, risk assessments and Display Screen Equipment,
  • Practical communication strategies – how to effectively keep in touch, encourage collaboration and offer support
  • How to monitor and manage performance remotely
  • Supporting the mental health and wellbeing of a remote team

Homeworking for Employees

This bite-sized live webinar is suitable for all employees who are (or will be) working from home. In an accessible format, we will talk your team through some handy hints and tips to make their home working experience as safe, effective and efficient as possible.

Managing Flexible Working Requests

This short session will talk you through the legal framework surrounding flexible working requests, including the timescales and requirements for accepting or rejecting requests.

We will also help you consider the implications of accepting or rejecting requests and advise on how to handle multiple requests within one team.


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