Attracting and retaining talent

Right now, many businesses are struggling to find quality candidates to fill vacant roles.

The reasons for this vary – and identifying them is crucial. Many people are reflecting on their employment experiences over the last few years and thinking about what their employer is offering going forward. Some people feel overworked and undervalued, while others are looking for new meaning to their work or seeking ways of working that perhaps their employer can’t or choose not to provide. Whatever the reason, employers need to be proactive and flexible in order to retain their top talent.

Employers will need to understand the needs and preferences of their existing workforce and those of the talented candidates they want to attract, adapting what they offer in terms of pay, benefits, career development, culture and ways of working to create an employee experience that puts them higher than other organisations they compete with for high performing talent.

Supercharge your recruitment process

The recruitment process needs significant time investment and candidates expect to hear feedback quickly.

To take the pressure off your teams, Reality HR can take on as much or as little of this as you need – drafting a job ad, screening CVs, sitting in on interviews, employment checks or carry out the entire process.

Focus on equality, diversity and inclusion

Having equal opportunity policies and procedures is a bare minimum but employers cannot rely on them as a ‘get out of jail free card’. These policies should be kept up to date and reviewed regularly, as well as implemented effectively.

Regular training should be given to all staff on Equality and Diversity, and line managers should be given specific training in relation to recruitment and promotion.

Look at your benefits package

Now with so much choice, jobseekers can afford to be picky, and are looking for roles that give them everything they’re looking for.

Also the current cost of living crisis means you may have to turn down a request for a pay rise. And, while salary does matter (and you should be transparent about this) it’s other perks and benefits that may help retain employees and seal a candidate’s interest.

Flexibility, opportunity for progression, health and wellbeing initiatives, additional paid leave and a focus on social responsibility will support you to attract and retain candidates.

Don’t forget about company culture

Perceptions of company culture can be make or break for candidates when deciding to accept a job offer or even apply for a role as 57% of UK employees value a good company culture over salary, according to Glassdoor.

Increasingly, the ability of an organisation to be flexible and adaptable to respond to frequently changing market forces is becoming a key competitive differentiator, and so creating a culture of flexibility with staff that are comfortable with change will be vital.

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Recruitment and retention guide

In this guide we look at the ways employers and managers can attract and retain a talented workforce including:

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  • Recruitment and its role in building a positive culture
  • Ghosting
  • How psychometrics can support recruitment
  • Engagement and retention

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