Course description

This detailed session will cover all of the statutory and best practice processes to follow when considering a redundancy situation.

This includes determining if it is a genuine redundancy or if it can be avoided.

We will also look at how to navigate tools and selection criteria, consultations (and consulting remotely), suitable alternative roles and trial periods and dismissal and notice periods. 

Course agenda

  • Fair reasons for dismissal and the legal framework
  • Individual roles vs pools
  • Consultation and timescales
  • Collective consultation
  • Suitable alternative roles
  • Giving notice and notice pay
  • Appeals


Recommended duration: 

We can adapt the agenda depending on your requirements/needs.
Please discuss this with our team.

Suitable for: 

              Learner Objectives

              By the end of the session, participants will be able to: 

              • Know the legal framework relating to redundancies, ways to avoid redundancies and fair reasons for dismissal 
              • Recognise when roles are stand alone or need to be pooled, and be able to score pooled employees fairly and objectively 
              • Understand how suitable alternative roles work   
              • Know the framework and timescales for individual and collective consultation  
              • Understand the terminology around “at risk” and giving notice, and be confident on PILON as an alternative
              • Calculate redundancy pay and understand the tax free allowance  
              • Offer and hear an appeal

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