All employees have a right to time off

Whether this time off is for a scheduled holiday, an event such as becoming a parent, or a sudden need for compassionate leave. It’s important that employers and their workforce understand what their entitlements and responsibilities are when it comes to attendance and absence management.   

Strong, clear and well-communicated policies are essential so that your employees know their entitlements and the company’s process and procedures, while your business is protected in the event of a dispute or issue. 

Our specialist HR consultants can ensure your business is compliant with current employment legislation and the responsibilities employers have around areas such as work-life balance, wellbeing and mental health.

Talk to us for expert advice on absence management issues including: 

  • Holiday entitlement 
  • Pro rata leave arrangements 
  • Maternity, paternity and family friendly leave 
  • Compassionate leave 
  • Employees who care for a family member

    From time to time, employers will need support and guidance on managing issues such as recurring short term absences, unauthorised leave or long term absence.

    In such cases, effective absence management is vital – including accurate measurement of the time taken off, the setting of absence targets, identifying any absence triggers and an overall policy for dealing with long and short-term absence. 

    Support where you need it

    Whether you need help in putting an effective policy together, or an urgent need to deal with a pressing problem, our qualified, experienced consultants can help navigate potentially difficult issues including:

    • Long term absence
    • Unexpected absence 
    • Frequent or long term sickness 
    • Absences due to stress 
    • Unauthorised absence 
    • Back to work interviews 
    • Managing a return to work after long-term illness or absence 

        Clear, well communicated policies on issues such as holidays, sick pay and compassionate leave are also vital, so that employees know their entitlements and your business is protected in the event of a dispute or issue. 

        Contact us today to see how we can support you with attendance and absence management

        We can also offer occupational health assessments

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