When love blooms (then wilts) in the workplace

Written by SAM DOW

It’s Valentine’s Day and it’s official; office romance is alive and well. We spend around a third of our time with our colleagues at work – often socialising out of hours too, so it should come as no surprise to hear that one in five people meet their partner at work. Regardless of the industry,… Read More

Social media at work – embrace it or ban it?


Social media is continuously evolving and so is our understanding of the benefits it could bring to your business. We believe there are huge advantages to letting employees engage with social media whilst at work, but on the flipside – what happens if they misuse it? We’ve teamed up with Herrington Carmichael – our trusted… Read More


Well, we made it! We’ve come out the other side of the GDPR deadline and our businesses are still standing. With all the hype which took place in the run up to the Friday 25th May, some were braced for a massive impact. The reality is, as long as you were already compliant with the… Read More

GDPR: Are you on track?

GDPR is the four-lettered word that’s on the minds of every business owner as Friday 25th May, the date the new legislation comes into effect, draws ever closer. No doubt you’ve heard reports that many UK businesses, both large and small, are ‘worryingly behind’ on their progress towards achieving compliance and are unlikely to be… Read More

Employment Law Update – National Minimum Wage

The National Minimum Wage will rise on 1 April 2018, when millions of UK employees will be subject to a rise in their hourly rate of pay. The National Minimum Wage (NMW) is the minimum amount of pay per hour that employees are entitled to by law.  The rate will depend on the age of… Read More

The Queen’s Speech: what impact on employers?

The dust is settling over a turbulent Westminster following the snap election and hung Parliament result. When The Queen formally opened Parliament in June, Theresa May’s grand promise of the ‘greatest expansion of workers’ rights in history’ was put in doubt.   A number of the Conservative manifesto pledges were excluded; new leave rights, worker… Read More

Getting your dress code right

Dress code. It sounds so simple! Unfortunately, it’s not… Dress codes are tricky and you can easily find yourself falling into the murky waters of discrimination. It’s not surprising when you think about it. What we wear is connected to our religion, our gender and the generation we are born to. However, it is well… Read More

The pitfalls of varying contracts of employment

Siobhain McDonagh, Labour MP, revealed that thousands of M&S staff could lose their jobs before Christmas if they don’t accept the terms of their new pay and pension’s scheme in their contracts of employment. You might be thinking that this is an extreme measure and you would be right. But one thing to point out… Read More

The Autumn Statement – key employment highlights

Chancellor Phillip Hammond has just delivered his Autumn Statement and there are employment related things you need to know The borrowing forecast is set to be £122 billion higher between now and 2021 than forecasted in the March Budget and the overall UK debt will also be higher. However, Chancellor Phillip Hammond described a “robust”… Read More