Is the future of work a four-day week?

Written by KATE SCOTT

Is it possible to be more productive, healthier and happier by working four days a week instead of five? Since the last recession, average working hours in the UK have increased, and it is well documented that as a nation we are overworked and stressed. Against that background it’s perhaps no surprise that many employees… Read More

Flexible working – is it worth it?

It was almost 38 years ago that Dolly Parton sang about how working 9-5 wasn’t a way to make a living – so why are there still so many employers reluctant to embrace flexible working? Employers say: “If I do it for one I’ll have to do it for everyone”, we say: “so, do it… Read More

A guide to successfully managing staff holiday requests

You may have noticed that since the sun has made an appearance, those holiday requests are piling high as your staff are eager to get their leave signed off before they blink and miss the British summer, and who can blame them? Who knows how long it will last. Nice weather, school holidays, using up… Read More

Empower your team to better manage their time

What’s the one report you’ll never see on a balance sheet, but is critical to the success of every business? It’s the measure of productivity. When we think about time management, we tend to think about it from an individual’s point of view – so much so that it’s easy to forget how teams of… Read More

January Blues? We’re resolving to banish them

Is January anyone’s favourite month? After all the anticipation, Christmas seems to disappear in a flash and before we know it long lie-ins are a thing of the past and it’s no longer socially acceptable to stay in pyjamas all day or eat chocolate for breakfast. There’s no denying it; the post-festive lull can feel… Read More

Working from home: the trend continues

Working at home is a rapidly growing trend; the fact that we all have access to email, chat, video conferences, cloud collaboration software and dozens of other technologies means almost any job can be done remotely. Whether your employees work exclusively from home or divide their working hours between home and the office, it would… Read More

Are Dads struggling in silence with work-life balance?

Being a working parent is a delicate balancing act which challenges even the most organised.   As children go back to school this week after the more relaxed vibe of the summer months, parents face another year of juggling the demands of both work and family. But when we hear so much about the challenges… Read More

Making better use of email – improving productivity

On the 1st of January 2017, France brought in some new legislation to improve productivity and work-life balance. Any worker in a business with over 50 employees has the right to completely ignore work emails outside of their working hours. There are a number of reasons for this. One is that the number of tribunals… Read More

The worst sick day excuses you’ve ever heard

The first Monday of February is always dubbed “National Sick Day”. In the UK, for some reason, we see the highest levels of employees calling in sick on this day than any other! Employers were sat at their desks just waiting for the influx of calls from employees “literally” at deaths door, dramatic voice acting… Read More

5 golden rules of the appraisal process

It’s no secret that appraisals are despised People look at the appraisal form with hatred, secretly wishing they could shun the whole thing and forget it exists. And yet we are far from replacing it with anything better…or actually doing any shunning! We know we need them but most of us would rather poke out… Read More