Insights Discovery

Greater self-awareness for people managers

Insights® Discovery – greater self-awareness for people managers

Have you noticed that effective people managers have a high level of self-awareness? It’s because when we know ourselves very well, and can better control how we tick, we have more freedom to lead others.

And when a team of managers works together on becoming more self-aware, it improves team productivity and sales performance, and introduces a common language to underpin effective communications.

We use psychometric testing as part of the process of helping people to raise their self-awareness, and to inspire people to perform at their highest level. We have chosen the Insights® Discovery system of psychometric testing, as we believe it is the most effective available. Our team member Donna is an experienced Insights® Discovery licensed practitioner, and is a passionate exponent of how the system supports company development.

How we will use psychometric testing within your organisation

We start by getting clarity around what your company needs

Whichever way you describe it, we ensure we understand what’s behind your need, and satisfy ourselves that using Insights® Discovery is the right solution.

Assuming it is, we focus our use of Insights® Discovery on achieving your specific aims. Perhaps you need to improve how managers and their people work together, either inside a single team, or across the company. Do you need to understand customers better to help you smash sales targets? Are you experiencing a breakdown in communication? Maybe you can see the need for greater leadership skills, a better ability to communicate with people, or you might be looking for a fun team building session.

The next steps

The preparations include each participant completing a 15-20 minute questionnaire, the results of which will be turned into their own personal report. However, it’s not about ‘telling’ people what they are like, or who they are. It’s about enabling self-discovery.

The Insights® Discovery workshop

We lead an energising, interactive six-hour workshop.

The first part of the session is all about how we work as individuals. We examine our perceptions, how much we value our beliefs, the difference between introvert and extrovert behaviours and who is more task-focused or more people-focused.  People start to see why they sometimes struggle to communicate effectively or end up in conflict situations, without even having seen the results of their own psychometric report.

We begin to explore the language of colour so everyone has a good understanding of the theory so they can start applying it to their own situations.

After lunch, participants see their individual Insights® Discovery Personal Profile for the first time. Because of the preparatory work in understanding each of the colour energies, they are usually unsurprised by their report. If they disagree with parts of it, they can explore this with the course leader and each other; ultimately though if they cannot relate to a particular sentence or phrase then they can disregard that element,  Most people dislike being ‘put in a box’; we like to come to our own realisations and Insights® Discovery enables this to happen.

Participants realise that everyone is a mix of all four colour energies and that no one is wrong, we all just see things differently. They learn how these differences can  bring strength rather than conflict in a strong and effective team by raising awareness of the importance of recognising  diverse and different perceptions.

Reality HR’s work using Insights® Discovery is all about guiding people to their own understanding and realisation. If people use their Personal Profile pro-actively they can identify key areas in which they can take action and develop a plan for growth personally and interpersonally. If they want to tone down their behaviour according to their context, such as talking too much, they have a framework that enables them to work on that.

Individual feedback sessions for all participants

After the workshop, every participant has an individual feedback session which will explore  their conscious persona (what they want to project) and their less conscious persona (what they might not realise they are projecting) and any points pertinent to them which they picked up from the workshop which they can work on for their ongoing personal development.

By the end of the workshop

The participants will have shared information, and reached realisations not only about their own personality and how to use this self-awareness to improve their performance, but also about those with different personality types – especially those with the opposite personality type to them.  These are likely to be those with whom they have most difficulty in communicating.

As a result of increased awareness, they have a greater understanding of themselves, their colleagues, their customers, and of course family and friends. In turn, they can use this new to improve their reactions to people and situations, for the good of all.

We encourage everyone to continue using the language of colour back at the office and to display their colour blocks on their desk as an aid in understanding each other and to help minimise and improve those conflict or frustrating situations.  This is definitely an ongoing learning and we can provide a range of ideas to keep the learning alive after the initial workshop.

As Donna says, “One of the  biggest benefits of running Insights Discovery is that you don’t tell people who they are, through exploration they find out for themselves. There is no right or wrong; it’s about recognising difference and using it to create mutually beneficial environments.

“Our clients will attest that using Insights® Discovery improves communication, decreases conflict, and leaves more time to get the job done – all benefits that promote company success.”

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